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Smoke Detectors: How Dem Tings Dey Wuk

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Dem Ting Wey Smoke Detector Fit Do

If you dey wonder how dem smoke detectors take dey work, make I yan you say e get some kain magic wey dey inside. Dem fit save your life and property if fire wan show face for your house. When smoke enter di detector, e go begin shout “Fire! Fire!” like pesin wey don see ghost.

How Dem Things Take Sabi Say Na Smoke?

You go think say na juju dem use to know when na smoke enta di place, but no be so. Inside dis small machine, dem put small sensors wey fit smell wetin dem call particles for smoke. As soon as these particles enta the sensor area, the alarm go start to wail like pesin wey chop hot pepper.

No Be Only Fire E Fit Detect O!

E no just detect fire alone o! Dis tin sef sabi sense heat and carbon monoxide gas (weytin oyibo people dey call CO). If heat or CO gas full di air well-well, dis detector go still blow im trumpet give warning sign so dat you fit run comot before katakata burst.

Say No To False Alarm!

Sometimes dis ting fit just decide to disturb peace without any real danger around. You go jus hear am shouting “Fire! Fire!” meanwhile nothing happen for ground. But no worry yourself too much because most of these detectors now come with settings weytin them call sensitivity levels; you fit adjust am based on how sensitive you want am to be.

The Final Verdict

Smoke detectors na lifesavers, no doubt. Dem fit save you and your family from di terrible effects of fire or gas wey dey harmful to body. So make sure say you get one for your house, office, or anywhere wey pesin fit need am. E better make dem shout “Fire! Fire!” when nothing dey happen than make real fire burn down everything.

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