Tori Spelling Responds To Criticism After Letting Daughters Dye Their Hair Pink

Tori Spelling wasted no time responding to her critics who took issue with the mother-of-five dying her daughters’ hair pink.

Last Wednesday, Tori and her husband Dean McDermott took their large brood to the Nights of the Jack Friends and Family VIP Preview Night, People reports. The couple have been married since 2006 and share sons Liam, 12, Finn, 7, and Beau, 2, and daughters Stella, 11, and Hattie, 8. Fans couldn’t help but notice that the celebrities’ two girls looked visibly different from their blonde selves.

The Spelling-McDermott daughters have been rocking vibrant pink hair recently, but unfortunately, not everyone is been a fan of it. In fact, Tori has received flack online for letting her girls colour their hair, with some of her followers arguing the kids are two young for that. “What is with all the makeup and dying those girls hair? Too young for that Tori!” one person commented on a photo of Tori and her kids from earlier in the week.

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She responded to the criticism at the event by simply shrugging it off. “First of all, it was [for] Halloween costumes, in pink, and it washes out the next day. It wasn’t dyed at all,” she told reporters. She also added she and her husband only allowed their girls to do it or a special occasion. “It was a costume dress party where girls can be anything they want to be. Screw the shamers,” Tori explained.

The famous mother went on to talk about “hard” it is to find Halloween costumes for all of her kids nowadays given their wide age gaps. “The 2-year-old, I can get away with still putting on him what I want and making him [be part of] a family costume,” Tori remarked. “But they range up to 12, and they have different ideas of what they want to do for Halloween.”

Luckily, it sounds like all of her kids are still up for matching family costumes. “I did convince them — since we have two things to go to, one before Halloween, [to] do a family costume for that, and then [for] Halloween they can do whatever they want,” she added.

Finding Halloween costumes for her brood may become even harder in the coming years! Last summer, BabyGaga reported that Tori and Dean hadn’t ruled out having more children. So, the age gaps may only get wider.

“Tori would love to have another one,” Dean told Hollywood Life in July, though he implied he wasn’t as sure. “Tori knows that, you know, having a sixth child would be too much. But she loves being pregnant. She feels great when she’s pregnant. She looks adorable when she’s pregnant. But I think we’re done.”

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