Instead Of Being A Victim To Anxiety, I Draw My Worries (23 Pics)

I’ve had anxiety for as long as I can remember. Like most children, I was scared of the dark, unsettled by shadows, afraid of the hallway after bedtime. All of those places were where monsters lived.

It wasn’t monsters I was scared of though. It was unknown. Monsters were just how my mind made sense of it. Most childhood fears are reasoned away by grown-up thoughts, but adulthood has its own collection of worries.

Responsibilities, expectations, commitments; these are just new masks on old monsters. When my heart races or skips a beat, or if I get shaky and nervous with an impulse to run, I have to remind myself that monsters don’t exist.

I do this by drawing- by giving the feeling shape I can give some finite form to the infinite unknown. If there’s a way out, it’s through a door I create.

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#1 Tears Only Feed It

#2 Under

#3 6:16pm

#4 Earthbound

#5 Consummatum Est

#6 Wayward

#7 Gardener

#8 6:53pm

#9 The Weight

#10 Wings For The Fall

#11 Crescent

#12 Migraine

#13 Mono No Aware

#14 2:14pm

#15 As Above

#16 Elicit

#17 If There’s A Way Out

#18 What Once Was

#19 Abeyance

#20 Diffuse

#21 Provocation Of Vision

#22 The Quiet

#23 Modern Conversation