We compared Popeyes’ discontinued chicken Po’ Boy to its new fried chicken sandwich, and we can see why the new sandwich became such a massive hit

chicken popeyes sandwich vs. po boy

The Popeyes Po’ Boy was essentially some chicken tenders slapped on a bun.

But the fried chicken sandwich is a cut above the Po’ Boy. It features a fat, juicy, crispy fried chicken breast as opposed to longer chicken tenders.

The fried chicken sandwich we purchased came packaged in an easy-to-handle sleeve …

… while the Po’ Boy came simply tucked inside a thin sheet of wrapping paper.

One of the most noticeable differences between the two items is the bun. Popeyes’ new chicken sandwich comes with a more traditional, fluffy brioche bun …

… whereas the Po’ Boy came on a longer French baguette, the hardness of which made it much less thrilling to sink your teeth into.

The new fried chicken sandwich comes with the chain’s exquisite crispy chicken, a nice, crunchy pickle, and mayo.

The Po’ Boy came similarly dressed — two breaded chicken tenders lay nestled alongside lettuce, pickles, and mayo.

The chicken sandwich is huge, in a word — it’s thick and heavy, but surprisingly easy to eat. Every bite is as good as the last.

A bite out of the ‘ole Po’ Boy is nowhere near unenjoyable, but this is where Popeyes has elevated its take on the chicken sandwich item.

The shining star of the Po’ Boy was the fact that it had Popeyes’ crispy, delectable chicken wrapped up inside of it. It didn’t have too much else going for it.

But the new chicken sandwich is the perfectly-sized, easy to eat, crispy chicken masterpiece that fast food diners will — and have already begun to — appreciate. In short, it’s the whole packaged that makes it far superior.

Source: Business Insider

You’ve had a good run, Po’ Boy.

But we agree that it’s time to step aside for the new chicken sandwich — that is, whenever it comes back in stock.