Devon Still And Wife Asha Have A Baby Girl! | BabyGaga

NFL star Devon Still became a proud father of another baby girl with current wife Asha, on August 31. He was so thrilled with this new addition to the family that he filled his Instagram and YouTube with posts and videos.

The couple shared footage from the birth of their baby girl Marie in a YouTube video titled “Our Baby Finally Made Their Debut! She was born at 2:12 a.m. on the 31st,” they wrote. “We’re blessed.”

Still shared a photo on Instagram captioning, “After a long night, baby Still finally made their debut! And Leah’s reaction at the end was everything!”. Leah is Devon’s first child. She was diagnosed with cancer in June 2014.

The couple got married in 2016 and announced their pregnancy in March this year. They have been super excited and have shared their happiness with fans throughout the pregnancy. Joyce expressed her delight saying, “We’ve been waiting for this moment, so we’re overjoyed right now.”

Still was active on Instagram sharing experiences and expectations through beautifully captioned pictures the whole time. In a June Instagram, he wrote, “There’s nothing more beautiful than watching your woman create life inside her.” Sharing a wonderful picture of him kissing the baby bump, he added, “Thank you @ashastill for all the sacrifices you’re willing to make and the pain you’re willing to endure just to protect and grow our child.” “Counting down the days until we welcome our son or daughter! #iHadToPutSonFirstCuzImTeamBoy #Sept7th.”

This has been quite a journey for Still as he has gone through a lot of hurdles to reach this joyous moment. Everyone still remembers how the beloved athlete stepped away from the NFL five years ago to take care of his little girl, Leah, who was diagnosed with Stage 4 neuroblastoma. He stayed with Cincinnati Bengal’s practice team so he could retain his health insurance for Leah’s cancer treatments.

With all the mental stress, it was very traumatic for the athlete to think of having another kid. He shared his nervousness and eventually regained peace through another post with a picture of his wife flaunting her baby bump and a heart-felt note alongside. It said, “For three years I was so scared to bring another child into this world. What if it was my fault Leah had cancer? Is there something wrong with me? What if the baby has health issues as well? The pain of my past kept me mentally imprisoned for years. Until one day, I got tired of the lies I was telling myself due to fear.”

“So I broke free and said I’m going to just go for it,” he added. “I’m happy I did because the excitement and joy I have now watching @ashastill carry our creation is truly a blessing that I missed out on for 3 years.”

We hope the family finds harmony and happiness in days to come, and genuinely look forward to more moments shared with the cute little angel.