An Instagram star with 1.4 million followers says she makes $64,000 a year just from her selfies

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  • An Instagram model with 1.4 million followers has divulged how much she earns through posting pictures on the social network.
  • Alexa Dellanos, 23, said she makes over $60,000 a year by posting selfies, according to The Sun.
  • The Miami-based model originally wanted to become a journalist, but realized she could earn more money by posing for sexy snaps as she travels around the world with her artist boyfriend Alec Monopoly, she said.
  • Dellanos has admitted to having various cosmetic surgery procedures, including breast augmentation, lip fillers, and a “booty enhancement,” The Sun reports.
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An Instagram model with 1.4 million followers says she earns £53,000 ($63,500) a year through posting photos of herself.

Alexa Dellanos, 23, spends her days posing for sexy photos and living a glamorous lifestyle with her artist boyfriend Alec Monopoly, who has a million followers himself.

The Miami-based model initially wanted to be a journalist, but decided against building a career in news when she realized she could earn so much more on Instagram, according to The Sun.

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“I honestly didn’t realise how much money was in Instagram alone until I started making it, now I feel that the sky is the limit,” she explained.

“I decided I would be making three times more on social media than my salary as a journalist — it would’ve been an amazing opportunity to open doors for me in the entertainment industry, but I am opening those doors myself now.”

My first vlog is live on my channel! The link is in my bio. 🦋

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Dellanos has just launched a YouTube channel, has a collection of photo filters people can buy, and also claims to be developing an activewear range.

She also says she charges up to £5,000 ($6,000) per sponsored post on Instagram, The Sun reports.

Dellanos doesn’t disclose when photos are sponsored posts or advertisements, however, she does tag brands and locations.

Pulling up to @papisteak like 👀

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A recent post, for example, shows Dellanos posing in front of a car outside a steak restaurant. The caption reads “Pulling up to @papisteak like.”

Although there are no images of the food or even inside the restaurant, Dellanos has tagged the restaurant in the image, as well as the founder of Groot Hospitality, Dave Grutman, who counts Papi Steak amongst his clients.


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Dellanos has had over $17,000-worth of cosmetic surgery.

Dellanos is open about having had cosmetic surgery, with the treatments costing over $17,000 in total, according to The Sun.

And she believes having the procedures helped her grow her following.

“I got surgery to enhance what I already had but it definitely helped me gain a strong following in only a year-and-a-half,” she said.

“I had my breast augmentation in 2018 for $15,000 and my lip fillers for approximately $2,000.

“I also enhanced my booty a little which I will discuss on my YouTube channel soon.”

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The model says there are negative sides to her lavish public lifestyle too though, such as being sent dick pics from strangers, being a victim of trolling and online abuse, and even finding a bunch of flowers with a marriage proposal from a stranger delivered to her home.

“It was so scary because I didn’t think anyone knew where I lived, but I have moved out since then,” she said.


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And Dellanos says as well as sexy selfies, she wants to “share positive energy.”

“I’ve learnt to never let the attention get to my head because no matter how big or small you are online, you are still just human,” she said.

“Although I enjoy posting sexy photos and luxury lifestyle posts, I also try to post things that truly matter.

“I want to share positive energy to everyone I meet and to anyone who looks at my life through social media.”

Insider has contacted Alexa Dellanos for further comment.

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