Mom Sparks Controversy After Using Lube On Her Child’s Slip N’ Slide

A mom in the UK needed something slippery to help create a slip n’ slide for her son, so resorted to using a bottle of lube she no longer needed.

Many of you reading this are probably despairing over the fact that the summer has officially come to an end. On the flip side, a lot of parents to young children reading this probably couldn’t be happier. After a long summer of having to entertain your kids every single day, they are finally back at school and things can go back to normal.

It can be a pretty expensive and extremely stressful time of year. Most of us aren’t fortunate enough to be able to take our kids out on day trips every single day. We have jobs to do and money to think about. For the most part, we hope the weather stays sunny enough that we can throw them out in the garden, but even then we often have to get inventive as the summer goes on to keep them entertained.

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No matter how inventive we needed to get, we’re not sure whether we would ever have come up with the idea that one mom did in the UK last weekend. Lisa Burgin was tasked with creating a slip n’ slide for her young son. However, it soon became clear that water and washing up liquid wasn’t going to cut it.

That’s when Lisa rushed upstairs and grabbed a bottle of lube she claims to have no use for anymore, reports The Sun. Not only did she cover the makeshift slip n’ slide with the Silicone Satin ‘Long Lasting’ Lube, but she also covered her eight-year-old son Charlie with it for ultimate effectiveness. Her older children looked on in horror, while fellow parents stood around laughing.

We don’t really see the harm in Lisa’s actions, although as we hinted at above, her older kids might disagree with us. Plus, not only is there photographic and video evidence of the act, but her novel idea for a slip n’ slide has gone viral. No doubt young Charlie will be reminded of it for years to come, and will likely be mortified when he’s old enough to understand what it was he was smothered in.

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