I Draw My Bipolar Disorder To Help End The Stigma Around Mental Health (17 Pics)

A year ago, I made a post about this, but I couldn’t recover my old account. So here I come again, with new drawings to show you!

I’ve been struggling with bipolar disorder since I was 16 years old, but I was diagnosed at 18. Talking about my feelings used to be very scary, so expressing my heart and mind on paper became my way of surviving.

Today I’m 25 years old and even though I’ve become more assertive thanks to years of therapy, nothing feels as great as creating these intense drawings… I get to feel relieved every time I finish an artwork, but the best part of making these drawings is getting people interested in bipolar disorder, inviting them to read more about it. I believe this is a beautiful way to help, within my possibilities, to end stigma and discrimination against mental disorders.

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#1 Distress

Made in 2017. (Phase: depression)

#2 Identity

Made in 2016. (Phase: psychosis)

#3 Prone

Made in 2019. (Phase: mixed episode)

#4 Trapped

Made in 2017. (Phase: derealization)

#5 Self-Stigma

Made in 2016. (Phase: depression)

#6 Delusion

Made in 2017. (Phase: psychosis)

#7 Untitled

Made in 2014. (Phase: mixed episode)

#8 Manic

Made in 2013. (Phase: mania)

#9 Demoralized

Made in 2018. (Phase: mixed episode)

#10 Unloved

Made in 2011. (Phase: depression)

#11 Phantom

Made in 2019. (Phase: depression/anorexia recovery)

#12 Snowflake

Made in 2011. (Phase: depression)

#13 Paroxysm

Made in 2016. (Phase: mixed episode)

#14 Broken

Made in 2012. (Phase: depression)

#15 I Am What I Have Always Hated

Made in 2011. (Phase: mixed episode)

#16 Memories

Made in 2017. (Phase: mania)

#17 Destruction

Made in 2011. (Phase: mixed episode)