I Created Paper Cutouts That Tell My Travel Stories For Me (13 Pics)

My name is Ana Stretcu and I created a series called “I was cutout for this” based on paper cutouts designed to add an aww-factor to the photos I take during a road trip.

I didn’t want my travel photos to end up in a forgotten folder on my laptop, so I decided to make them more memorable by adding a quirky little twist. I created paper cutouts of me and my boyfriend and took them along for the ride. And the photos turned out extra adorable.

I thought this project would come to a natural end when our trip ended, but the paper dolls were bitten by the travel bug so I decided to keep going. And now they’re still going on little adventures, but usually closer to home.

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Fika is basically coffee + something sweet + a nice chat, so I’d say it’s not the ingredients that make it special, but the sheer fact that there’s a word for it and that something so simple and nice has an almost sacred role in the Swedish culture. Love it!