I Sorted Famous Characters By Color (Part 2)

Ten months ago, I shared with you my color teams.

I sorted famous fictional characters by color, but I know that I forgot a lot of them! So, I had to make a 2nd round for the forgotten characters.

Some of them are still missing because it’s hard to put so many characters in a little square. But the thing is, I think this is the best format to show them in the best light.

I will certainly make a third part or an ultimate version of those color teams with everybody in it. So, if you can think of someone I forgot… Let me know!

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#1 Grey Teams

#2 Black Team

#3 Brown Teams

#4 Blue Team

#5 White Team

#6 Red Team

#7 Purple Team

#8 Pink Team

#9 Green Team

#10 Yellow Team

#11 Orange Team