We Asked Photographers From All Around The World What ‘Love’ Meant To Them, And Here Are Their Responses (40 Pics)

Love is a complex set of emotions and beliefs, an intense feeling of deep affection and a force of nature that can be found anywhere. It is one of the strongest feelings that we’ll ever know: love means to be deeply committed and connected to someone or something. Family, friends, lovers, pets – love is a bond that two people share.

When it comes to defining what love means, each one of us can have a unique definition. These 50 photographers have shared their unique points of view around ‘Love’ and have been selected as finalists among more than 15,093 submissions in the #Love2019 Photo Contest by AGORA images, a free-to-use photography app that has been awarding the world’s biggest prizes in global photo contests since 2017.

Everyone can now vote for their favorite photo in the app and help the guest judge decide who will be the #Love2019 Hero who will win the prize of $1,000. The winner will be announced on Thursday, 12th September 2019.

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Sea Heart

Fishing nets can be romantic too, Vietnam, by @phannguyen5285


What passion feels like, by @nataliworldphotography

Snail kiss

Two snails kissing in Saudi Arabia, by @aepurex

Till death do us part

Elderly couple enjoying simple moments in their long and loving life together, Indonesia, by @john_n_nadeak


Happiness in a shot, Italy, by @maurom

True bond

Macaque family hug in India by @light_rays

Tuổi Già

Morning routine means taking care of his wife, Vietnam, by @khoiphan

Under the rain

Love is all about looking in the same direction, rain or shine, by @myothet

We love each other

Who said doves couldn’t fall in love? by @asadsungkar

With mom

Smiling faces by @ptkhanhhvnh


A grandmother gives a big hug to her grandson, by @aungthuya

Always with you

A widowed man plays the violin to his late wife at the cemetery, by @fabiansaw

Ant Lover

A tiny ant carrying a heart-shaped clover, by @albertsans

Beautiful Kiss

Young travelers kissing as the sun sets over Bali, by @danieldahni

Beloved mother and daughter

The infinite bond between a mother and her child, by @aburizhi


Fun times for these two brothers, by @dikyedarling

Cirahong love

Engagement photoshoot on the Cirahong Bridge, by @salimbhayangkara


A couple of curious toads vy @hendymp

Eternal bonding

Pure happiness and love between a mother and her child, by @pranab_basak


Peaceful morning family walk in Myanmar, by @yanxing


A father and his son by @thantzin712

Forever in love

Beautiful sunset shot of a lovely couple by @micky_demsy

Forever in love

An elderly couple in Vietnam by @diepvan


Couple of divers in Menorca, Spain by @victordevalles


This photographer and with his four-legged friend are traveling around Europe, by @aska2016


First day out for this baby giraffe in San Luis zoo, USA, by @castlemandesign


Romantic moment for this couple looking at the horizon in Portugal, by @vitoresteves

Hasta el fin de los tiempos

Eldery couple in the Sucre Province, Peru. Times are hard because he’s been suffering from dementia – but his wife remains at his side to take care of him, by @rollinsilva

Helping hands

Two policewomen help a blind lady cross the street in busy Yangon by @yekyawthu

Hold my hand until I die

Romantic walk with breathtaking views from the Malaysian shores, by @zainalazrin


This photo portrays two members of one of India’s oldest tribe: the Konyac tribe. The woman on the right (96 years old) was once the queen of the tribe and the man on the left (103 years old) used to be her bodyguard. They later fell in love, and are now the oldest members of the Konyac tribe. By @debdatta75

‘Love and happiness’

All-round smiles for these kids playing by @phyomoe

Love in Bali

A breathtaking scene of these two lovers in Bali by @sandal_gunung_

Love in paradise

Self portrait of the photographer and his girlfriend traveling in the Philippines, by @carlesalonsophotography

Love is in the air

Pure joy for this couple who had just found hours before that they were expecting their first child, taken by @leowillgo

Love is in the water

Boat love declaration in Greece, by @ikoukouzis

Love is love

A beautiful moment between this couple in Madrid, by @evablanco

Love is the way

A lonely heart in the desert of Morocco, by @jordisark

Love on a sandy beach

Two travelers playing with their shadows in Indonesia by @radityamaulana


Giraffe at Cologne’s zoom, Germany by @a.rosenthal


Electric kiss in Germany by @wunderbuilder


Two toddlers in Tanzania by @bmvisuals

Lovely friend

Two friends having a lovely moment in a temple in Myanmar, by @kokosat

Magical Moments

Two divers in Menorca, Spain by @Danflorit

Mom’s love is everything

Self-portrait of the photographer and her child in Moldavia, by @dianagorin

Mother’s love

Intense look between a mother and her daughter, Thailand, by @blackustad

Polar bear love

A polar bear and its two cubs, Norway, by @uglefisk

Pray for love

Myanmar, by @kothet_pyay

Rehearsal dinner leftovers

The photographer immortalized his best friend’s wedding rehearsal from the sky, Switzerland, by @pherrography

Sempre amb tu

Lovely sunset in Catalunya, by @xopet1969