Mom Banned From Parenting Group After Complaining About Sleep Deprivation Too Much

A new mom was shocked to find herself banned from a parent group after suggesting they discuss sleep habits. Apparently, it was a sensitive topic in the group and baby sleep had been barred from discussion.

Sophea Jennings from Australia decided to attend a parenting support group that had about 15 other moms in attendance that day. At the end of the meeting, the Maternal Child Health Nurse leading the class asked if anyone had any questions. Sophea did and wanted to know how much sleep everyone was getting at night and how they were dealing with it. That was a mistake.

This specific mother’s group had a very odd rule about not discussing their babies’ specific sleep habits. According to Jennings, the topic in the group that day just so happened to be sleep which makes the whole situation even odder. She asked this question even after watching videos on how to deal with sleep deprivation.

The idea is that moms (especially new, sleep-deprived ones) can get upset if their baby isn’t sleeping as much as someone else’s. The power of exhaustion is real and it would be annoying to hear that a baby was sleeping well while yours was up every hour or two, but that is the reality. Every baby is different and some, unfortunately, stink at sleeping. It seems as though it was a sore spot and was banned.

In a piece for Australian mom site Kidspot, Sophea wrote that the room went silent and she felt like she offended everyone in it. Finally, the nurse leading the group explained the situation to the clueless Sophea. She had no clue what was going on because she missed the first meeting.

When the nurse left the room for a moment a few moms spoke up and agreed that discussing sleep habits would be beneficial. Still, she was confused and embarrassed. She had been there for some research for an advice article she would be writing, but instead wrote about this experience.

We’ll never know why a parent support group would limit the scope of discussion. Maybe someone has some tips or guidance for a struggling mama. We know it can be a sensitive subject, and somewhat controversial, but so are many other things in parenting. We can’t ban everything that may make someone uncomfortable or jealous.