Mom Asks B-Day Party Guests To Fund Son’s New Playset Instead Of Bringing Gifts

Birthday parties are already stressful enough having to buy a present for a kid you barely know and making small talk with the other parents. For presents, specific ideas can help but one mom went too far when specifically asking party guests to donate money to buy her son a playset.

The monetary donation request came from a GoFund Me page set up by the mom from the perspective of her son. The mom wrote that the birthday boy really wanted the playset and the fundraiser would help him get it. It actually said, “My birthday is coming up and I would be so excited to play on an outdoor playset. To contribute to my birthday present please donate to the fundraiser.” This was from her son’s perspective so of course, she mentioned that her son wants to play on it.

It’s important for readers to know that the party itself was a bit extravagant and the boy was photographed for his GoFund Me page in his nice room full of expensive toys. The family was asking for $500 for the playset.

A personal essay for Mammi Mia revealed more details about the family. The writer isn’t especially close with mom and has never met the four-year-old birthday boy. The family travels, vacation and lives in a nice home. Meaning they aren’t the type of family that really needs to be asking for the $500 to go towards a playset. A playset is a want after all. The writer found the whole thing very tacky and almost offensive.

Fundraisers are usually done for unexpected hardships and tragedies, this is not really the kind of things a family needs to be asking for money on an online fundraising site. A playset isn’t anything this boy needs, especially at the expense of his party guests. Plenty of children don’t have one and are perfectly happy.  That’s what parks are for!

Three days after the start of the donation period, this mom still had no donors. We’re thinking she won’t have any.

Looks like this mom will either have to buy the playset herself or just let it all go. What do you think of this? Tacky or is it ok? Would you rather have your kid get money instead of presents? Let us know what your opinions on this birthday request!