Guy Cleverly Explains Why A Girl Should Rethink Her ‘No-Nudes’ Policy With A ‘Titanic’ Example

‘Send nudes’ has become the punchline of many a visual joke on the internet, where you follow instructions to manipulate an image and end with a tongue-in-cheek request for provocative pics. Unfortunately, there is also a much darker side to it too, with many people, particularly women, constantly harassed on dating sites and apps to snap pics of themselves. Who knows where these deeply personal images might end up?

Tinder user Catherine took on this issue straight up on her profile, using a lighthearted analogy with the movie ‘Titanic’ to make her point. “No one is safe!” she jokes, and having read her amusing story, she is quite right.

Not to be deterred, however, one guy decided to put Catherine’s theory to the test and cheekily found a loophole to exploit. She shouldn’t send nudes for his sake, but for her children!

Catherine was so impressed with the creativity and humor of this guy’s ‘opener’ that she just had to show her mom, who apparently recommended her daughter send nudes post-haste. At one fell swoop, he has got the girl, won her mom’s approval and talk of children is already on the cards. Well played, sir!

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