Are Designated Parent & Child Parking Spaces Necessary?

Parents are divided on designated parking spots for parents with children.

At many businesses such as Shopping Malls, Grocery Stores and even Amusement Parks there are parking spaces that are designated for expectant mothers, or parents. The parking spaces are near the front of the entrance so that the pregnant women and mothers can unload their children and walk a short distance to get inside. The idea behind these parking spaces is very nice, but are they really necessary?

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Parents are divided on whether or not these parking spaces really are fulfilling their purpose. One Blogger, The Honest Parent, wrote on her Facebook and shared her feelings about the designated parking spaces. She shared that these parking spaces are specifically for children and their caregivers. These spaces are not for the parent with a 15-year-old child. Your 15-year-old can jump out and walk to the entrance without any help. Unless your 15-year-old has special needs then they don’t need to park there. The Honest Parent also said that parents should not be parking in the parking spots with empty car seats. She then even states that parents who have two parents in the car should not park in those spaces either. The parking spaces should be for the single parent who has to take out all of the children by themselves.

The Honest Parent then continues on explaining why these parking spaces are so important for parents. She explains that they are closer to the front and they are larger so that mom has room to open up and get all of her kids out of the vehicle. She ends her post by saying, “So don’t be a d***head, don’t park here unless you need to.” Although everybody understood what she was trying to say, people had their own opinions about the situation too. Many people asked her about the heavily pregnant people too! One mother wrote, “Yes!!!! What about being heavily pregnant too??? I had someone park so close to my car I couldn’t get me and my bump in….was a nightmare!!!!” The Honest Parent never mentioned that pregnant people could take these spots.

One mother shared that it was a pretty insensitive post because many parents have older children that have invisible disabilities that would require a larger parking space and easier access to the entrance. Many people started saying that elderly people are the worst culprits of stealing the parking spots that are intended for parents of small children. Many comments called out the elderly for just parking in the spots so that they can have easier access to the front entrance so that totally takes away the purpose of the parking spots. So, although these parking spots are essentially a good idea, they have caused much controversy.

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