Amy Duggar Used Hot Pockets To Get Over Morning Sickness

Amy Duggar shares that the only thing that she wanted to eat in the first-trimester was hot pockets.

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Being pregnant is really hard and having morning sickness is the worst! Morning sickness is like constantly having stomach flu. You constantly feel nauseous and you might be throwing up a lot. Everything kind of sounds terrible and you don’t want to eat anything because your tummy is so upset. If your morning sickness is bad enough you may even throw up by smelling certain smells or even having somebody talk about food. When mother’s find something that they can gag down then they will eat that food constantly. It is an amazing feeling when you finally find food that you can keep down when you are struggling with morning sickness so badly.

Amy Duggar King is one of the many pregnant women who find a weird food that helps them through the first-trimester nausea. She admitted that she was very particular in what kind of food she would eat in her first trimester. She shared that hot pockets were the key to helping her with her sickness. She admits that it is a super random junk food, but it certainly helped her and helped her through the terrible morning sickness. She shared that she could also keep down mash potatoes which she would occasionally eat. She shared that she was pretty sick until about 17 weeks and so her husband, Dillon, had to make several special trips to the store just to get her hot pockets or mash potatoes. “I would fix a whole meal, and she would take like one bite and she’d be like ‘No, that’s not good. That’s going to make me sick. I’ll take a Hot Pocket,’” Dillon added

The couple has been married for four year and people were always saying things to them and wondering when they would be having a baby. In the Duggar family, waiting four years is a very long time! The couple announced that they would be expecting a baby boy back in April and said that he would be coming in November. The couple was very excited to tell the world that they were pregnant and it has been fun for them to join all of the other Duggar women who are pregnant right now. They plan to name their son Daxter “Dax” Ryan King.

We are very excited for the couple and we hope that her pregnancy goes well and progresses smoothly.

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