11-Year Old Boy Rescues 2-Year Old Sister From Falling Building During Earthquake

The bond between siblings can be a truly incredible thing. Sure, brothers and sisters can bicker- but when push comes to shove they’ve always got each other’s back. One 11-year-old saved the day when he carried his 2-year-old sister to safety after an earthquake shook the laundromat they were in. According to People, Armando Suarez was in the building when the natural disaster hit.

Surveillance footage of the incident shows the brave boy fleeing the building with his sister, Arianna, as the roof of the building began to collapse. Thankfully, no one was injured in the chaos, but it could’ve been an entirely different story altogether if it wasn’t for Armando’s quick thinking. Talking to the media, the boy said it was a terrifying situation as the 7.1 magnitude quake made everything shake. The kid’s mom, Joann Yglesias, was in the building with them at the time, but Armando was the one who grabbed his sister and ran for the exit without hesitation.

Mom is super grateful and very proud of her oldest child for his act of bravery. Once the family was safely out of the building, they hugged each other tightly until the earthquake passed. The first earthquake hit Ridgecrest, California at 10:30AM on July 4th, effecting areas up to 180 miles away. The second earthquake hit the same city on Friday, the very next day. The first one was bad enough for locals, who hadn’t experienced anything of that magnitude for over two decades. When Friday’s earthquake hit and surpassed the original 6.4 of July 4th, it was terrifying.

Authorities didn’t believe anyone had been seriously injured by the earthquake until they discovered a 56-year-old man dead underneath his Jeep, six days after he was last seen. It seems that the gentleman was working on his vehicle when it was knocked off of its supports as the earthquake hit.

Earthquakes are not uncommon in California, which experiences around 10 000 each year. Most of these are so minor that they slip by unnoticed, while others are more serious. The last most fatal disaster was in 1989, when the 6.9 Loma Prieta shaker killed 67 people and caused $5 billion in damage.

But when it comes to Armando and Adrianna’s situation, everyone- their Mom most of all- are just glad that the two children came out of the earthquake unscathed.

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