‘The Originals’ Star Claire Holt Describes Difficult Delivery As ‘Torture’

The Originals star Claire Holt is opening up about the difficult delivery she went through in order to welcome her son, James.

During an appearance on Dr. Berlin’s Pregnancy Podcast, the actress revealed her labour experience definitely didn’t go as planned. The celebrity gave birth to her first child, son James, over three months ago. Yet the delivery was anything but easy.

Claire explained that her doctors had to use a Foley balloon to put pressure on her cervix in order to speed up her dilation. “They insert the balloon and blow it up once it’s inside and it’s obviously supposed to help you dilate,” the actress recalled. “The placing of it was not painful. It was a little uncomfortable, but it just felt like a regular pelvic exam.”

But after a while, she said the procedure became increasingly painful. “It was so unbelievably painful for me and I feel like I have a pretty high pain threshold, in general,” Claire continued. “There was pressure. So, the contraction was so strong for me for that minute and … I basically contracted constantly for two hours, is how it felt.” Even when they eventually removed the balloon assistance, she said the removal process was just as agonizing.

The celebrity explained that she originally wanted a non-medicated birth, and even when hospital staff were encouraging her to decide otherwise, she opted out. But Claire says she can see why other mamas would opt for medication. “And so at that point I was like, ‘Okay, I’m just going to white-knuckle it and I’ll be okay but this is crazy, like this is so painful for me,’” she recalled.

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In the end, right before she was fully dilated her doctor came up with a creative way to speed up the labour- something Claire referred to as “aquadural.” “She said to me, ‘Let’s get you in the shower,’ ” the star revealed. “She said, ‘I usually don’t do this until someone’s right on the edge of not being able to handle the pain anymore because it’s like a natural epidural, the warm water.’”

The only thing that made Claire apprehensive about her doctor’s approach? She didn’t want to ruin her blowout. “My husband said, ‘She just had a blowout. She’s not going to go in the shower,’” Claire said. “I finally, reluctantly, agreed to ruin my blowout,” She added, admitting that the shower felt relieving.

Later that same day, Claire gave birth to baby James, whom she shares with her husband, Realtor Andrew Joblon. The couple has been married since 2018. Their new addition is extra special as Claire has been open about the miscarriage she suffered last year shortly after their marriage.