Pennsylvania Will Give $100 To Every Baby Born Or Adopted In The State

The Pennsylvania treasurer is trying to bribe parents to have more children by telling them that the state will give them $100 if they adopt or give birth.

Pennsylvania is a very successful state. The economy is the sixth highest in the nation. However, the population has a very high amount of elderly residents. In Pennsylvania, 18.2% of the population consists of people who are 65 years and older. The nation’s average is about 16%. This may seem like no big deal, but the state could quickly change it’s successful economy as the older citizens need to be taken care of and then they pass away. Especially since Pennsylvania is now in a pension crisis.

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Joseph Torsella, a Democrat elected treasurer, shares that they are trying to encourage families to have children to increase their younger population. In order to encourage parents to have children, he said that the state will give $100 to every child who is born, or adopted, on or after January 1, 2019. The $100 must be used for higher education though. Tosella believes that this money motivator will help parents want to have more children. It appears that he is grasping at straws since he wants to be reelected, but is in a serious pension crisis due to the high amount of elderly residents.

All of us parents are sitting over here in confusion. Would you really consider having more children just to get $100 that is supposed to be dedicated to their college education? The $100 “incentive” will barely even cover one college textbook! We think it is kind of hilarious that the treasurer is trying to make people like him by bribing them to have more children by giving them $100. A whole $100! It’s kind of comical.


We don’t believe that anybody will actually consider having more children just because of this incentive. It might just be an added bonus for having a child. The $100 can’t even be used towards diapers, formula, or any of the babies needs. The parents won’t even see any of it until the child is about 18 years old and that is IF the child even chooses to attend college.  We did find this an interesting way to get votes.

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