This Mom Abandoned Her Toddler With A Complete Stranger & Runs Away

A woman left her daughter with a stranger and then got into a car and drove away. The little girl was left alone with the man.

A man said that he was at Walmart when a mother ran up to him holding a little girl in her arms. She was looking very frantic and she told him that there was somebody who was chasing after her. She then jumped into the man’s car. The man drove them around the parking lot for a little bit. When he stopped his car the woman jumped out of the car and hopped into another car. The car had two people in it and they drove off leaving the toddler with the man.

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The man was left with a sweet little toddler in his car and he wasn’t quite sure what to do with her. He drove the little girl to the nearest fire station. When he walked in he told the firefighters what happened. They had no information about the little girl. They shared a heartbreaking photo of the sweet toddler and were begging people to help them identify the little girl and to see if anybody had any information about her.

Fire Captain Greg Murdock said that it was a very tough moment and the little girl was completely shaken up. Murdock said that the little girl was not very comfortable with her surroundings and she just kept on crying for her “mama.” They tried to make her feel as comfortable as possible, but she was so very distraught. All of the firefighters went into “daddy-mode” and were trying to make the little girl happy until the state came to pick her up. All of the firefighters were very upset by the whole situation.

An update from the Sacramento Police Station said that a woman saw the picture that was posted about the little girl. The woman called to claim that she is the little girls’ mother. They are in the process of investigating her to confirm the relationship as well as to figure out whether or not the woman was actually being chased when she left the little girl with the stranger.  The little girl did not have any signs of abuse and she appeared unharmed when she was inspected while in the state’s custody.

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