Jeremy And Audrey Roloff Announce That They Are Expecting Baby #2

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff announce that they are pregnant with baby #2!

We all fell in love with Jeremy Roloff during his time on TLC’s Little People Big World. Jeremy was one of the oldest brothers, along with his twin, Zach Roloff. Jeremy is average height while his twin brother and his parents are little people and have different forms of dwarfism. If you are a fan of the show then you might have been watching it since the beginning. We have watched Jeremy enter into high school, make the soccer team, get his drivers license and even have his first girlfriend. It was a crazy day when Jeremy got married to his beautiful wife Audrey. Now, the couple has one sweet little baby girl and they also have a big annoucement….they are expecting baby #2!

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Jeremy and Audrey shared on Instagram that they are expecting their second baby and we are so excited! The photo showed Audrey holding her daughter in one hand and her baby bump in the other. Their daughter had her arm up in the air in excitement while Jeremy held the ultrasound picture proudly! They are the cutest family and we are so excited for them!

The couple shares a 22-month-0ld daughter Ember. Jeremy and Audrey are very excited to be able to see Ember become a big sister! They say that they are blessed and they are excited to be able to have another baby come into this world! The couple has already said that they wanted to have a big family and that they would take each kid one at a time. They said that they didn’t put a number of kids they want, or when they chose to have those children. They will love to accept every child that God gives them.

The couple shares that being a parent is amazing, but they have to work much harder on their relationship now that they are parents. They said that they used to be spontaneous and they could just get up and go and do. Now, their lives take a bit more scheduling and some more planning. They love the outdoors but now they have to get babysitters and such if they want to go out and do the things that they used to really like. It will certainly get harder as they add more children.

Congratulations to Audrey and Jeremy on their baby announcement! We hope that Audrey stays healthy and she has an easy and uneventful pregnancy!

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