Giving Alzheimer Patients Baby Dolls Has Become A New Trend

A group of women are giving Alzheimer patients baby dolls to help them cope in nursing homes.

Alzheimer patients across the United States are receiving the most incredible gifts that have helped them with their disease. It has become a new trend for Alzheimer patients to be given baby dolls so they can take care of something during their time at the nursing home. The idea started when the woman gave her mother a baby doll while in a nursing home and then the idea caught fire. Now, the group goes around and gives dolls to people with Alzheimer’s.

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Sandy Cambron, said that she really struggled when she put her mother-in-law, Pearl, in a home when she got Alzheimer. Cambron said that her mother became very quiet and was not willing to open up. It was very hard for her to watch her mother become so distant. She tried to help her reconnect with her family. She would share stories and flip through photo albums, but nothing ever got her to open up. One day Cambron was in the toy store and she saw a doll. She thought that her mother would love to have a doll because maybe she would feel like she was taking care of something again.

Camrbon said that right when she gave Pearl the doll her face lite up. She said that she instantly wrapped the baby in a sweet pink blanket and started snuggling the little doll. Pearl just loved her baby. She never went anywhere without her doll. She would take it to the dining hall and would sleep with her doll every single night. Then when she passed away, they buried her doll with her. After watching how much Pearl opened up and got attached to the doll they decided to help other people receive the dolls as well.

They began a non-profit organization where they would raise money to donate the dolls to different care facilities. So far, they have donated over 300 dolls to Alzheimer patients. Many people around the United States are following in her footsteps and are donating dolls to their local care facilities. Cambron says that it is amazing to see the people get the dolls for the first time. Many of them even cry and immediately start swaying and rocking their baby. It is like they are remembering doing that with their own children, or grandchildren, and they are filled will the most amazing memories.

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