Exclusive Interview: Made With Love Keepsakes Artist And Owner Brittani Beals On Her Passion And Love Of Art

Made with Love Keepsakes is a booming small business run by stay at home mom and jeweler extraordinaire, Brittani Beals. The popular breastmilk ring is just a small part of her thriving business. Brittani also offers necklaces, earrings, bracelets, beads, small decor items, trinkets, and a men’s collection. These can all be filled with preserved breastmilk, or other meaningful inclusions like hair, cremated ashes, pet hair, umbilical cord, and placenta.

Brittani has a 3-year-old daughter and works out of her home in Grand Junction, Colorado. She started her own business after discovering that breastmilk jewelry can be expensive. Currently, Beals is promoting Made with Love Keepsake’s  Bling on Summer Event running until July 31st. For every $50 spent, each customer will get a free item. Another amazing promotion going on now is that for every 130 orders placed, every single person who orders between May 31st-July 31st will get a free charm with the opportunity for everyone to get five additional charms free!

Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of breastmilk. Most pieces only need 1/2 ounce each but you’ll know how much to send from the website. If you have at least 3 ounces sitting around, you’ll be in good shape. Her prices range from $10-$500, so she has something for everyone.

Keep reading to learn more about Brittani and the love she has for her business and customers!

BabyGaga (BG): Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into making breastmilk jewelry and other keepsake pieces? Do you have an art background?

Brittani Beals (BB): I have always been a DIY kinda gal for as long as I can remember, crafts of any kind were always my go-to hobby, I love to paint, crochet, create jewelry and make anything and everything in between. I did not have any art schooling aside from the standard art classes in high school. I am pretty much self-taught in all that I do with Made With Love Keepsakes.

When my daughter was born, I struggled with breastfeeding and postpartum depression. I joined many Facebook groups in the hope of finding advice and support through the struggles of motherhood. There had been a discussion all around Facebook in regards to breastmilk jewelry and I found it interesting so I decided to do some research on what it was and how to go about buying something like it. I was pretty shocked at how some companies were pretty expensive which is understandable as this type of art is precious and valuable in the wearer’s eyes.

As a stay at home mom, I couldn’t afford some companies prices so I decided to try to make some pieces for myself. It took me a year to perfect the preservation process and what started as just creating my own keepsakes, turned into a full-blown worldwide business.

BG: Why do you make these pieces and keepsakes?

BB: Made With Love keepsakes is so much more than just breastmilk jewelry, we create one of a kind keepsakes with a wide variety of inclusions such as cremation remains, hair, dried flowers from a bouquet and so much more. Made with love keepsakes is about holding on to special memories and that’s exactly what we do. We create keepsakes that last a lifetime that helps us hold on to those special memories.

BG: When did you officially start your business and how much has it grown?

BB: It will be my 3-year anniversary of being open for business in October. I started out making just a piece for myself and some friends as an experiment, ended up posting how they turned out on facebook and ended up having people messaging me about making them a piece within minutes. I never thought something I was simply just making for myself would become a full-blown THRIVING business.

I owe so much to my followers and the people who have followed me from the ground up. My life has changed forever and because of the love and passion behind my art, I have become a worldwide sought after Keepsake Company. 

BG: Besides rings, what else do you have?

BB: We have a vast variety of keepsake items on our website, anything from rings, bracelets, necklaces and even perfume bottles, ornaments, and our new keepsake compact mirrors! We are known for having one of the largest catalogs as well as the most affordable!

BG: Which is your personal favorite piece? What are some of your most popular?

BB: My Personal favorite would be the Tessa Set, there is a bracelet, ring, earrings, and a pendant all named after my daughter. Our most popular piece is hands down the Eternity Teardrop Ring and Forever Loved Necklace.

BG: How long does it take to make each piece? How much breastmilk is needed?

BB: Milk preservation can take anywhere from a week to 4 weeks, the settings alone for some designs can take up to a month to get to us because of overseas metalsmiths. But because we’re a very popular company, our turn around time is currently 18-20 weeks. We need half an ounce of breastmilk per item but normally have a small amount left over for repairs if needed.

BG: What else can you put in jewelry besides breastmilk?

BB: We work with ashes, placenta, umbilical cord, sand/soil, dried flowers just to name a few. Jewelry can also be customized with colored sparkles and shimmers!

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BG: How much time do you spend on making breastmilk jewelry? And how do you balance that with being a mother?

BB: I work 7 days a week with an occasional Sunday off (or whatever day I choose lol since I’m #bossmom) At first balancing mom life and a thriving demanding business was hard and difficult to manage. But things got easier as I adjusted to owning my own business and balancing being a stay at home mom.

Tessa is now old enough to where she plays well on her own but also has a special set up in my studio where she comes and colors and chats with me while I work. She also loves to help pack orders, stamp boxes, simple tasks that make her feel important…she will be who I pass the business on to after all.

BG: Do you have any help making the jewelry?

BB: I am very very particular on how I run my business and how I want things organized and done. I am working with someones precious keepsakes and sometimes its all they have so the room for error is very small. My mom, husband, and grandmother are the only three people that I allow to help me because they understand my process and the “flow” of my daily work. My mom is now my apprentice and now helps me 2 days a week, preserving milk, creating pieces and shipping orders. She does an amazing job and I’m blessed that she loves being a part of what I do!

BG: How is your business different from other breastmilk jewelry companies?

BB: All artists have their own style of art and what they offer their customers, that alone explains the difference, I think one of the main differences in our company is the community we have outside of our business. The mommas who support me and my art are phenomenal and are what made this business what it is today. There are dozens of people who have ordered from me months ago or even years, and still, stay in touch! Some companies may not have that. We also have a large catalog of designs some companies only have a handful of designs to offer. We love the variety as everyone is different.

Thank you so much, Brittani! All of your pieces are beautiful and amazing! We’re sure the wait time is well worth it. Check out Made with Love Keepsakes to create a timeless, meaningful piece while taking advantage of the summer deals!