Parents-Of-Five Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott Say They’re Open To More Kids

Although they already have five children together, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott aren’t ruling out having more kids in the future. During an interview with Hollywood Life, Dena recently said his wife has already been vocal about wanting baby no. 6. And from the way he was talking, he doesn’t sound totally opposed to the idea.

“We talked about having more,” the 52-year old explained. “Tori would love to have another one.” The couple, who have been married since 2006, are parents to a brood of five kids: 12-year old Liam, 11-year old Stella, 7-year old Hattie, 6-year old Finn, and 2-year old Beau. Dean also has an adult son, Jack, from his first marriage.

Despite Tori’s seeming desire to expand their family, Dean admits they know having six children would be a game-changer. “I enjoy the ones we have. And so does Tori,” the actor said. “Tori knows that, you know, having a sixth child would be too much. But she loves being pregnant. She feels great when she’s pregnant. She looks adorable when she’s pregnant.”

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However, one thing that may be holding the couple back from adding another kiddo to their brood is the fact that Tori’s pregnancies haven’t always been easy. The 90210 alum was very open with fans about the difficulties that came with her second to last pregnancy when she welcomed her son Finn.

“Everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong,” she told People in 2016 about her fourth pregnancy, in which she spent three months in the hospital due to excessive bleeding after being diagnosed with placenta previa. Luckily, her fifth pregnancy was problem-free. In fact, Tori says she and their son almost died in the complicated pregnancy and delivery process.

After the scary 2012 pregnancy, the couple said they were done having children, though Tori later became pregnant with no. 5 in 2016. “The doctor said that considering everything that happened the last time, this is a miracle baby that Tori got pregnant and that it’s okay,” Dean added at the time.

Even though Tori and Dean still seem undecided about having more kids, Dean did add that they’d be open to doing another stint on reality TV. “I’d do a reality show about my family again. I wouldn’t go down the True Tori route again. That was just too much for everybody,” Dean told Hollywood Life. And we’re sure fans would love to keep up more with their large family!