300 Days Ago I Started A Challenge To Fight Against Bad Habits Using Origami

I always thought that origami can change people. I’ve seen it, I felt it on my folding journey. I saw that others became so much more when I fold around or teach them how to make their owns.

For some time I realized that I have some bad habits. Waking up late, wasting time doing nothing and just asking “what to do” – never answering that. Basically I got lazy and I was losing fate in me. So I asked myself: “Why not doing it on myself?” – I mean, if it can change others, it has to work on me too – and from there it all turned to a different direction.

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The first one

Show me your love


The King

Tiger Warrior

The battle for control

The silence before the storm


Black Bolt

Happy creature

What’s up girl?


Indian Warrior



The Flash

Peacock mask

Is this for real?

The mad man

Back to the Warriors

Dangerous elegance

It is safe out there?

Elf Paladin

Butterfly Lady

The Rebel

The Seed

Chilling out

The Birth of Athena