Photos show devastation caused in the southern US by tornadoes that killed at least 3 children

Tornados in South

  • At least three children have been killed from the tornadoes and severe weather in the South.
  • At least 18 tornadoes have been reported across the US South. 
  • All told, at least six people are dead and dozens have been injured.

Tornados have ripped through the US South, killing at least three children, according to Reuters

Two of the deaths occurred in Texas while a third happened in Louisiana.

At least 18 tornadoes have been reported over the weekend across the US South, from Texas to Georgia. Storms are scheduled to move up along the East Coast, impacting over 100 million people. Reuters also reported almost 6,000 flights have been cancelled or delayed, with Chicago and Charlotte being the airports most impacted. 

Here are some photos of the devastation left behind by the tornadoes thus far:

Tornadoes and severe weather have impacted people in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Georgia.

Source: AP

Two siblings, ages 3 and 8, were killed when a tree fell on their car.

Source: Reuters

A 13-year-old boy drowned after falling into a drainage ditch that was full of flash floodwaters in Louisiana.

Source: Reuters

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