20 Diaper-Changing No-Nos That New Dads Are Often Guilty Of

There are so many aspects of having a child that are just so beautiful. It’s a joyous experience that many have in life. However, there are undeniably a ton of things that cause parents to have migraines. One of these things has to do with diapers.

Everything to do with diapers. How to change them. When to use them. What product to purchase. And on and on and on. It can just become a bowl of a bit too much. But, it’s a necessity when having a child. This is why it’s important for moms and dads to get it all right. But, a lot of the time, dads don’t know exactly what to do when it comes to diapers.

In fact, they can end up making some boo-boos along the way. This list will get into some of the most common mistakes that dads make when it comes to diapers and everything attached to them. Of course, not every dad makes these mistakes. Sometimes, it’s the mom. It doesn’t matter, new parents are likely to make a few no-nos along the way. But, here we’re focusing on some of the things that dads tend to slip up on. We don’t point a finger at them. But maybe they can learn a thing or two from it. Without further ado, here are 20 diaper-changing no-nos that new dads are often guilty of.

20 Not Being Ready As Ready Gets

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This is the most obvious aspect of diaper-changing that dads tend to mess up. The fact is that many dads believe that the entire diaper-changing process is far easier than it actually is. Essentially, their egos get in the way of the process. While it may not be rocket-science, diaper-changing requires skill and, most importantly, preparation in order to make everything run smoothly. Proper preparation includes spending time becoming acquainted with the right techniques, brands, changing times and changing locations. But the fact is, some dads just think they can wing it and that’s far from the truth. So, moms may want to make sure their baby-daddies are as prepped as possible.

19 Taking Forever Poses Legit Issues

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Dads don’t seem to feel the same urgency as moms do when it comes to changing a child’s diaper. After all, the diaper is there to protect clothing, furniture, and anything else the baby may come into contact with after they’ve soiled it. But the truth is, it’s important to change a baby’s diaper very soon after they’ve done their business. This is because fecal matter can cause certain issues to a baby if it’s just sitting there for a long time. Diapers seem to get absorbent enough to get rid of number 1s, but number 2s pose a bigger problem. This is why dads need to get their act together and make sure they are checking their child’s diaper to make sure their kids aren’t sitting in anything.

18 Not A Change Of Clothing In Sight

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Some dads are pros when it comes to changing diapers. They know the right procedure and they feel completely comfortable with the process. And, when they venture out of the house with their newborn or toddler, they even pack a few extra diapers. But one thing that they commonly forget is a change of clothing. A baby’s clothes can easily get soiled, even if the diaper does most of its job. This means that a change of clothing is a necessity. Besides, you want your baby to smile and look as clean as possible otherwise other parents may raise their eyebrows. So dads need to make sure they keep an extra pair of baby pants alongside those clean diapers.

17 What? You Don’t Know How To Clean?

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Most moms are well aware of the proper wiping procedure. This is because they’ve made sure to read up on diaper-changing techniques while they were pregnant. That, or they were told be a loved one or doctor. Dads, on the other hand, seem not to think too much about it. After all, how hard could it be? You take one diaper off, clean, and replace it with another. However, it’s just not this simple. it’s very important to know that the proper wiping technique is from front to back. This is a very useful and somewhat vital technique when it comes to preventing things such as irritations.

16 Adjusting The Diaper Poorly

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Dads need to make sure that they aren’t just throwing a diaper on their kid and are actually tightening it properly. Ideally, a baby’s diaper should be fastened securely to their bodies. However, this doesn’t mean that the diaper should in any way restrict their movement and especially their circulation. This means the diaper can’t fit too tightly. Additionally, a loose diaper is essentially ineffective, defeating the purpose of actually wearing one. Therefore, dads need to stop making this boo-boo and actually make sure that they know how to adequately put on a diaper without falling into one of these two extremes.

15 Bathing Baby In Lotion

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A little lotion goes a long way. Sure, moisturizers are very useful when it comes to protecting a baby’s kitten-soft skin. It’s why every diaper-changing expert makes sure they recommend their favorite lotion to parents. However, a baby shouldn’t be doused in lotion. Anyone who uses sunscreen or lotions on a typical basis knows how uncomfortable it can be to wear too much lotion. Well, babies feel this even more than adults do. Unfortunately, dads are typically the ones who make these mistakes as they tend not to have as much experience with moisturizers as moms do. Although this is not always the case, it certainly is a contributing factor.

14 Can’t Go For The Full Wipe

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We’ve already spoken about how important it is for dads and moms to know that wiping from front to back, but some parents need to be reminded that wiping, in general, is vital. Dads especially seem to forget this important part, usually when it comes to a diaper filled with number 1. That’s because most men don’t need to worry about wiping when they do it themselves. But babies don’t have this kind of luxury. They have to sit in it, and it’s not like sitting in water. Urine actually has ammonia in it, so sitting in it for too long can actually cause issues. Therefore, a clean diaper isn’t enough when it comes to changing. A baby also needs to be wiped clean.

13 A Baby Is NOT A Gymnast

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Believe it or not, but most babies can’t qualify for the summer Olympics. They just aren’t nearly as flexible as some dads may think. We say this because some dads have a tendency to pull a baby’s legs upward to remove an old diaper when changing. After all, it does provide easy access. Although this move seems intuitive at first, it actually isn’t the best thing to do. Pediatricians say that this gymnast move can actually cause a baby to have eventual hip problems or even issues with their backs. A baby’s body is still very new and is developing, therefore it should be handled with the utmost care. Instead, a dad should roll the baby onto his or her side to move their bottoms out of the way and replace the diaper.

12 Sleeping Through It All

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One of the most unfortunate aspects of parenting is the lack of uninterrupted sleep. But this is just a reality of being a new parent. While moms usually are quick to get up early or in the middle of the night to check on or tend to their baby, dads have a more challenging time. Sometimes they decide to sleep through a baby’s diaper changing time as they believe the baby can last a few more hours resting in their soiled diaper. But we’ve already discussed how important it is for a baby to have a new clean diaper on very soon after they’ve used the previous one. Rashes tend to be most common when a baby has slept in their soiled diaper all night. This is why dads need to get out of bed and tend to their kids.

11 Leaving The Baby On The Changing Table

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Never leave a baby on the changing table unattended. This is one of the most important things to remember about diaper-changing. In one episode of Friends, Rachel begins to feel bad as she didn’t know that she shouldn’t leave her unborn daughter on a changing table while she disposes of the diaper. While this may have happened to Rachel, it’s actually most dads who don’t know that this is a bad thing to do. Under no circumstances should a baby be left on one of these tables unattended. Therefore, it’s important for dads to have everything they need for the changing and disposal process right there at hand. When in doubt, they need to take their baby with them or put them in a safe space like their crib.

10 Using A Silly Distraction


There a number of silly and downright dumb distractions that some dads use to calm their baby during the diapering process. While most of the distractions are fairly harmless, experts say that using a cellphone as a distraction is a bad idea. This is because a baby could easily drop the phone on themselves or onto the floor, causing the dad to have a mighty bill. Additionally, it helps the baby form a bad habit. Being reliant on a cellphone for distraction is one of the reasons people feel disconnected from one another nowadays. Additionally, it can eventually cause a baby to feel reliant on their cellphones for other mundane tasks such as going to the toilet when they’re older. This isn’t a habit that kids should get into.

9 A Cloth Diaper Doesn’t Like Fabric Softener

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There are many parents who prefer reusable fabric and cloth diapers. Not only do they feel great, but they are also wonderful for the environment and pretty stylish. But there are a number of things that parents, especially dads, need to know about using them. Specifically, cloth diapers should never be washed with a fabric softener. Many dads tend to make this boo-boo since they lean toward the quick and easy way of doing laundry, which is really just treating every fabric as if it’s the same. But fabric softeners, as well as dryer sheets, contain oils and chemicals that can transfer to cloth diapers and actually makes them weaker when repelling liquids.

8 Not Everything Is A Good Changing Table

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Some dads think that they can change their child’s diaper at any place or at any time. But this has proven to be a very big no-no. While it can be a real struggle to find the ideal place to change a baby’s diaper, one must always attempt to find the best place. This is because most surfaces are just not suitable for the task. Dads have been seen changing their child’s diapers in mall cafeterias, which is less than hygienic, as well as on park benches and even on restroom floors when a change table is nowhere in sight. But there are a variety of reasons why these places are no good. One must always find a clean and private place to do this, even if it’s inconvenient.

7 Not Having Diapers On The Go


We’ve already spoken about dads who forget to bring a change of clothing for their baby when they leave the house, as well as dads who can’t seem to find an appropriate place to change their child’s diapers, but we haven’t spoken about dads who actually forget to bring a clean diaper. Without a new diaper, there’s no point in changing a diaper at all. This may seem obvious (and it is) but some dads actually forget about his when they take their baby on outings. Moms, on the other hand, are used to carrying around bags filled with every possible thing they may need. But sometimes dads can just be too free-spirited and not think about these important things.

6 Re-Using One-Time Diapers

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You absolutely can’t be cheap when it comes to diapers. This means that you can’t re-use a diaper even if it seems clean. Diapers are not like underwear, they should never be worn twice in a row, even when they are a washable cloth diaper. But even underwear should go in the wash after each wear. But sometimes dads don’t think about this. Additionally, they’d love not to have to spend the money on each diaper. After all, babies can use upwards of 3 – 4 diapers a day. Eventually, this adds up. But experts say that even the cleanest diaper needs to be changed as appearances can be deceiving. Some diapers absorb so well that they may appear to be clean, but they really should be changed to avoid causing skin issues.

5 Changing Too Soon

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Although changing a baby’s diaper is important, knowing when to change a diaper is equally as vital. When a baby does number 2, they may take a few minutes to complete the act. So, if a mom or dad decides to change a diaper as soon as they sense their baby has done the deed, they may be creating the opportunity for a bit of a mess of for the baby to soil a clean diaper right away. Therefore, parents should wait a couple of minutes before changing. Since dads have been told over and over about how important it is to change diapers as soon as they’re soiled, they may not time the change properly.

4 The Changing Table Never Gets A Clean


Change tables can be a great place for all sorts of bacteria to grow. This is precisely why it needs to be wiped down regularly. If it’s a fabric-based top, it needs to be put through the wash or treated with baby-okayed soaps. Dads can often get a bit too focused on the diaper-changing process and therefore forget to maintain the table they use. But since babies are so sensitive, it’s really important that change tables be taken care of. This doesn’t mean that dads need to use antibacterial Lysol the table down after every use, but something along those lines may not be a bad idea.

3 Size Doesn’t Matter… Except It Does

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The truth is, size does matter. A diaper cannot be too small or too large. It has to be just right. This means that the right diaper has to be purchased. But dads often don’t know that diapers don’t always come in the same size. This is why they need to test the brand on their baby before they buy in bilk. Just like clothes, each diaper brand is made a little differently. Sometimes a dad may attempt to make a diaper fit even if it clearly doesn’t. But a really baggy or stretched diaper won’t do the job that it’s been designed for.

2 Tap On, Soap-Up, And Wash Before

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Most parents, including dads, are well aware of the importance of washing their hands after changing their child’s diaper. But we’d all be taken aback by how many parents, especially dads, don’t wash their hands before changing their kid’s diaper. It’s actually a no-no to change a baby’s diaper with unclean hands. This is because bacteria can be transferred to them very easily. And since dads constantly use their hands to change their child’s diapers, as well as lather them up in lotion. It’s vital that those hands are clean. After the change, of course, a hand wash is a must as well. But this is mostly for the dad’s sake.

1 Living In Diaper Over-Load

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Although most of this list has been spent on dads who are dreadfully unprepared for the task of changing their child’s diaper, there are also some dads who are a bit over-prepared. These dads tend to purchase a hilarious amount of diapers. This doesn’t mean that they just have a great deal more diapers than they need, but it also means they buy a ton of different brands. But the truth is, a dad only needs so many diapers. It’s most important for them to get the right brand of diapers for their kids. A brand that fits them perfectly and one that they feel comfortable in. This is far more important than overloading on too many.

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