Rodney Atkins Figures Out He Is Going To Be Having A Boy

Rodney Atkins learns that he is going to have a third baby boy when his wife surprised him with a gender reveal.

Taste of Country

Last month we figured out that Rodney Atkins and his wife, Rose Falcon, are expecting another baby! They announced in the most perfect way! They showed a beautiful music video and at the end of the music video was both of Rodney Atkins’ sons and the youngest boy was holding an ultrasound showing that they would be having yet another baby. They shared their music video with their fans on Valentine’s Day. We were all so excited on the surprise announcement.

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Rodney had no idea that he was going to be figuring out the gender of his baby when he showed up at the “event.” His wife told him that they were filming a short video for the Second Harvest Food Bank. He thought he was going to be hitting a baseball for the short clip. His wife passed him the baseball a couple of times with little success. She kept giggling when every time she tossed the ball it hit the ground. When he finally made contact with the baseball it exploded in blue. At first Rodney was a little bit confused, but then he figured out what his wife was trying to tell him! He was so excited to be having a baby boy! Rodney was pretty shocked when his wife surprised him with revealing the gender. He said that she really got him and he was so proud of his wife for creating such an elaborate set up to be able to figure out his gender. He was also excited that he was able to get the reveal and his reaction on camera!

Taste of Country

Rodney Atkins has two children. He has a 17 year old son, Elijah, from a previous marriage. He also has a child with his current wife, one year old Ryder. He is so excited to be having another boy to add to his family! He loves his boys so much already, so why not add another one to the mix!

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Congratulations to Rodney and Rose! We are so excited that you guys are going to be welcoming another baby into this world! We can’t wait to see tons of picture of your new little baby and we hope that Rose continues to have a healthy pregnancy!