‘I’m Lovin It’ Woman Delivers Her Baby In Mcdonald’s Bathroom

A woman delivered in the McDonald’s bathroom while they went in there to just get some food.

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A woman walked into McDonald’s planning on eating at the fast food restaurant. She felt like she was going into labor and so her and her sister (or friend) walked into the bathroom. The manager on the clock at the time was Leon DeGarie and was working in the kitchen. The time was about 3:40 in the afternoon when all of a sudden he heard a woman screaming from the bathroom that a woman had just had a baby and we needed to get help.

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DeGarie sprinted into the bathroom and saw a woman on the toilet and she was holding a newborn baby. Sure enough, the woman had just delivered a baby on the toilet in the McDonald’s bathroom. DeGarie ran into the lobby and screamed for a doctor. Some men stood up and said that they were not doctors, but they could help. DeGarie called 9-1-1 to have somebody come and help.

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The paramedics showed up shortly after and quickly rushed into the bathroom. DeGarie said that he was waiting outside of the bathroom and everybody in the restaurant was on high alert. They were all just hoping everything was okay and that nothing wrong was happening with the baby, or the mother. DeGarie wasn’t sure how long they were in the bathroom for, but shortly after they wheeled out the mother on the gurney while the paramedic was holding the newborn  following the mother. Mother and baby were taken to the nearby hospital to make sure that they were both healthy and stable.

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DeGarie and the McDonald’s employees have yet to learn about an update from the mother, but they assume everything went well since the Paramedics didn’t seem too frazzled when they left with mother and the baby. They hope that everything is great and they want to give them well wishes. They are praying that everything turned out well and that the mother is able to bring home a healthy and happy baby!

Congratulations to mama and baby! We would love to see pictures!!