11 US attractions that tourists love but locals hate

Grand Central Terminal

  • Throughout the US, there are places that tourists love and locals try to avoid at all costs. 
  • Party locales like the Las Vegas Strip and Bourbon Street in New Orleans see high tourism rates but don’t see many locals. 
  • Famous sights like Mount Rushmore and the Cloud Gate can also annoy locals. 
  • Orlando locals are disillusioned by Disney World.

While tourism can often help struggling economies, it can also destroy entire ecosystems and even hurt the locals directly. So it makes sense that there are some places around the US that tourists love to visit but locals stay away from. 

From Mount Rushmore to Bourbon Street, these are some of the places that tourists and locals cannot agree on.

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Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, New York

When visiting New York, walking the Brooklyn Bridge is basically a rite of passage, especially because it offers some stellar views of the city. But, as the attraction becomes more and more popular among tourists, locals are starting to avoid the pedestrian walkway at all costs. One resident told the Gothamist that one time he couldn’t get through the massive crowds at the middle of the bridge. It took him 90 minutes to go from the Brooklyn side to the Manhattan side. In fact, the bridge sees 10,000 pedestrians and 5,000 cyclists every day.

Disney World in Orlando, Florida

Disney World is one of the most popular destinations in Florida, but for the locals who live in Orlando, they aren’t so swept up in the “magic.” While some prefer to avoid Disney altogether, others do get season passes at a cheaper rate. But the price still dissuades some locals. One resident told the Orlando Sentinel, “At some point, it became too expensive, [so] I might just focus my money back toward another theme park,” while another local said the park favors people who stay on Disney property so locals “get the short end of the stick.”

Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Louisiana

A trip to New Orleans is nothing without a visit to the famous Bourbon Street where bars, restaurants, and shops have everything for the perfect night out. As parties pour out onto the street, Bourbon Street has earned a reputation from locals as dirty, trashy, and even repulsive. In an Advocate article, locals described the street as “the trashiest place I’d ever seen.” Many residents avoid the party street and enjoy other options New Orleans has to offer. 

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