We went to one of the best grocery stores in the US that only has locations in Texas and Northern Mexico and saw why it has such a cult following

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  • A number of things come to mind when one thinks of Texas: cowboy hats, Tex-Mex food, and wide open spaces are some of them.
  • What should also be on that list is a century-old grocery store that many Texans swear by: H-E-B.
  • It’s many a Texan’s one-stop shop for food, household items, and a slew of other necessities.
  • It also happens to be the fourth best grocery store in the US thanks to its strong combination of market share, sales growth, sales efficiency, and emotional connection with its shopper base, according to a recent report by data company Dunnhumby.
  • That’s just a sliver of the national attention that H-E-B has garnered in its years of operations.
  • To put the store into perspective, the regional chain is the Texas equivalent of a Safeway or a Publix, but with a fanbase that’s arguably even more loyal. 
  • Here’s what it’s like inside H-E-B.

We visited a location in Hutto, Texas, a town north of Austin.

It’s one of only 400 H-E-B stores, most of which are in Texas and some in Northern Mexico. None of the other 49 US states have locations.

Source: H-E-B

Since it was founded in Kerrville, Texas, in 1905, the company has embraced its strong Texan identity, one that resonates with its customers and has kept them coming back.

Source: H-E-B

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