Baby Girl Reacts Adorably To Meeting The New Family Puppy

The internet is suffering from cuteness overload after a magical moment was caught on camera. 8-month-old Paulina Rose had never met her puppy before, but from judging from this video, it seems like these two little ones were destined to be together from the start. This baby girl is the proud new owner of a precious little Yorkshire Terrier, and her reaction to her new pooch says it all.

Staring with wide eyes at the little puppy, it seems that Paulina Rose can hardly believe what she’s seeing. Almost as if to make sure the puppy isn’t just an illusion, the little baby girl reaches out to touch her new dog for the first time. This is one viral video that everyone needs to watch, and it’s already been viewed by millions of people so far.


According to The Daily Mail, experts say that puppies and infants have a natural attraction to one another. Both crave a new friend with which to play, explore, and learn. When we watch this heartwarming video, we can clearly see that natural attraction between puppy and baby.

Most dog owners clearly remember the first moment they set eyes on their new puppy. It’s something that we never forget, and all kinds of emotions rush through our minds as we bond with our furry little friend for the first time. Even though she’s just a little baby, Paulina Rose perfectly epitomizes those wondrous emotions as she forms a strong connection with her new puppy for the first time in her life.

The Daily Mail also reports that the cute little Yorkshire Terrier pup has been named “Coco.” And in this video, we clearly see that Coco is brimming with just as much excitement as Paulina. According to Dog Time, Yorkshire Terriers are an excellent choice for any family looking for a new dog. They’re also the most popular dog breed in the United States! These dogs are feisty and full of character, but most of all they’re extremely loving. We just know that Coco and Paulina Rose will be best friends for a very long time indeed.

Babies and puppies go together like peanut butter and jelly, but there are a few things to consider. It’s always very important to supervise the puppy and the baby when they’re playing together. You might also consider giving your puppy serious obedience training before the baby comes. And remember, looking after a puppy is hard work. Puppies need to be walked and given plenty of attention. Make sure that you’re able to handle all of this while still raising your baby.

But after watching a video like this, how could we say no to a new puppy?