I Show The Perks Of Being A Cat Through My Watercolor Paintings


I am Draw An from Taiwan. I love drawing watercolor paintings of cats. This is my first post on Bored Panda and I want to show you some of my favorite watercolor paintings.

Hope you enjoy my work! So scroll down the page and check it out!

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True romance

God of wealth

Something happened


Those fish are fake

Chase it

Tourist cat

How can you resit the temptation of food?


Early summer

The cat in the grass pulls its own hair


Uncle from the army

Fast food eats the fear

Light wave

You cannot touch that, Mimi

Elegant and unrestrained

Don’t wait for a wish, better take it

The summer corner

Playing a waterslide with a cat

Playing outside


They love it, don’t you think?


She didn’t expect that

Little emperor

Geisha and the cat

All of them look so serious

Let’s play a game

Autumn tiger

Do you see a cat?

Three cans

Big cat in Hong Kong

Just chilling in the sunlight


Red dust



Rainbow cat

Lunch at Burlang Avenue

Orange cat looking up

Tuxedo Cat

Goodnight Sweetie

Autumn Dream

Melody Fair

Favourite Pudding

Cat Playground

Shin and Friends at Hsinchu, Taiwan

Shin in Japan

Shin in Hong Kong