22 Adorable Photos Of Celeb Dads Twinning With Their Kids

The world is fascinated by celebrities; we are always on the look-out for the hottest news and pictures. It is almost uncontrollable. Perhaps it is because it seems like they always live in another world, a world that no ‘regular’ person would ever understand. We like to imagine what it would be like to be them, so we dive into the glimpses of their lives we get to see.

Celebrities with their children will always be popular. It is the one time we can relate to them on a human level, we can relate to the struggles they face and the joy because children of celebrities are still children, no different than ours.

There is something special about seeing any dad being involved with their children, it makes hearts skip a beat because it is so adorable. Twinning is something that is very common, and not just with celebrities. This trend of dressing the exact same as your child has taken over, and we are so thankful.

We went through and found a bunch of celebrity dads who are twinning with their kids, and the results are adorable. We even found some that don’t even need to dress the same because they could be mistaken for real twins. Just for fun, we also threw in an epic mom and child twinning moment.

22 Spencer & Gunner

Spencer is well-known for his time on MTV’s The Hill, and he has an adorable son, Gunner, with Heidi Montag. The pair decided to go all-out with their tie-dye shirts and the results are adorable. Spencer has always been in the magazines and on the celebrity news, but it is so sweet to see the pair all matched up.

One of the best parts about having kids is that you get to pick their clothes. Parents can’t wait to go out and fill up a closet of the cutest, and smallest clothes. We all know this won’t last forever, kids will eventually find their voice about what they want to wear, so we better enjoy the control now.

21 Liev & Kai

Liev Schrieber is one pretty fancy guy, so it only makes sense that he would dress his kids pretty fancy too. Liev and his son Kai both looked pretty dapper in their matching tuxedos while they waited to go in to an award show. The pair strutted matching tuxedos and bow ties to boot.

Some look down on people who wear matching clothes with their kids, they see it as a hinder on letting a child express their own sense of creativity and style. When someone has all the money in the world, and the top designers at their fingertips it is easy to make sure you and your kid are both dressed to impress.

20 Jimmy & Billy

Jimmy Kimmel is one of the most well-loved dads. He has a hit talk show that has millions of viewers and the world felt his pain when he would describe the health issues his child was going through. Here he is, working on a monologue for one of his shows with his little twin on his lap.

This picture is absolutely adorable, and it shows that a dad can do it all. They can work and parent their adorable children at the same time. It also shows how incredibly laid back a lot of celebrities can be when they are just hanging out at home. We also don’t need to point out how adorable little Billy’s smile is in this picture.

19 Liam & Bear

The boys of One Direction certainly are growing up, they have moved past the days of the boy band and have started their own little families. Liam Payne is one of them. The former member of the hit boy band is now a father himself, and he has a little boy named Bear. He obviously chose to go the more unique baby-name route.

This twinning picture is unique and not one we usually see in the magazines and on the internet. This photograph was obviously shot by a professional and just shows father and sons matching footwear. Liam wearing the proper shoes, and a little bear wearing a pair that was knitted to match.

18 Nick & Moroccan

Mariah Carey may be used to be the diva everyone cares about, but her baby daddy is stealing the show in this photograph. Nick Cannon and family had this photograph taken while they were at the Kid’s Choice Awards. Mariah and her daughter may also be matching, but Nick and Moroccan stole the show with their look.

The pair always seem to be goofing around and it is clear that they have a very fun and happy relationship. We just wonder if Mariah was OK with Nick and her son having all the attention for a moment, we don’t think she would because of how adorable the two looks together.

17 David & Brooklyn

David Beckham is a legend in the soccer world and he only became even bigger when he married a former Spice Girl, Posh Spice a.k.a Victoria. The beautiful couple went on to have a heap load of gorgeous children and it is no secret that son Brooklyn looks a lot like his soccer star dad.

The pair look even more alike when they dress similar, which happens a lot. This picture is one we are sure they have framed in their house somewhere. It shows David and son Brooklyn wearing the same soccer uniform, probably during a shared match. You can see how proud David is of his son when you look at his eyes.

16 DJ Khaled & Asahd

No one goes bigger than DJ Khaled, he seems to add flair to anything he does and that includes when he dresses up with his son. This is a cute, but slightly odd, a photograph of DJ Khaled and his son Asahd on the beach. The pair are sporting the same outfit, and even have the same bling around their neck.

The odd part is that we can’t figure out why DJ Khaled is holding a lion cub. He must have just wanted that extra flair and to stand out. Two things we are pretty sure he accomplished with this photograph.

15 Nick & Family

With the Christmas season just passed us, this is a perfect time for this twinning picture. It shows the entire Lachey family in matching Christmas pajamas. Nick looks like he is in total dad mode with his children, pajamas and all.

It is nice and refreshing to see a celebrity family doing things that are just so, normal. Everyday things that every parent does, it helps them seem more relatable to us and for a moment we can think that they really are just normal people. Nick made it big first when he was a member of the 90’s boy band, 98 degrees. He then jumped even further in the spotlight during his marriage to Jessica Simpson. Now, he seems to enjoy a quieter life at home with his family.

14 Orlando & Flynn

Is there a bigger heartthrob out there than Orlando Bloom? Orlando has always been extremely popular, both with his work with Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings. He has always been thought of as extremely attractive, and when he became a dad his stock market went up a lot.

This picture is of him and his son at an event, and while their outfits may not be the exact same, they are similar enough to be considered twinning. Orlando’s son is absolutely adorable, with his curly locks that match dad’s. The pair look like they have a lot of fun together.

13 Channing & Everly

It is hard to tell who this picture is of, but it is Channing Tatum and his daughter, Everly. The pair are wearing matching onesies, and it may be hard to tell what they are dressing up as, but they are absolutely adorable. It is always fun to see a dad let loose and do something fun with his daughter, even if he may get teased for it.

Channing Tatum is another celebrity favourite out there, and he recently split with his wife Jenna Dewan. The pair have kept everything very civil and kind, which is not that common in the land of Hollywood, but it is all for the children.

12 Jerry & Family

Here is a fun fact, did you know that Jerry O’Connell’s real first name was Jeremiah? I didn’t. Here he is with his beautiful family in matching attire. They took twinning to the next level and decided that the whole entire family needed to match. Jerry is married to Rebecca Romijn, who used to be married to John Stamos.

The pair have two beautiful children, and on this family outing they decided to go out on the town in matching outfits. They are all sporting blue jeans and a light blue shirt. Even down to the shoes are matching, although they are different colours. They need some variation.

11 Mario & Dominic

A lot of mom’s who grew up in the ’90s will have fond memories of Mario Lopez. He was one of the hit stars on the popular show Saved By The Bell. This was a show that almost every teenage girl tuned in to watch, I watched it before school every day. Mario played AC Slater, and he is all grown up now.

He now is a father, and he and his son decided to dress the same, as Elvis Presley. Parents are used to playing dress-up with their children, but that normally stays in the house. One of the advantages of being a celebrity is that every day can be dress-up day.

10 Ricky & His Kids

Ricky Martin was another heart throb that was hugely popular in the 90’s. His songs made everyone move their hips and fall in love. Ricky and his partner were able to have children through a surrogate, and they ended up having twins. In this adorable photo of father and children, Ricky appears to be matching at least one of them.

Not only are his two children absolutely adorable, they both look a lot like him. This means that when they grow up, they are bound to break some hearts, but we hope not. The world is anxiously awaiting these two little ones to grow up.

9 Matthew & Son

Matthew McConaughy is an Australian actor who is known for many roles in a variety of movies. He is one of the highest paired actors and fans all over were very excited to see him appear in Magic Mike for obvious reasons. He is a man that seems larger than life, so when we see him with his son it helps bring him back down to our level.

This adorable picture of Matthew and his son wearing matching outfits is enough to make your heart swell. This is another little boy that has inherited his dad’s curly hair and it makes him even more adorable if that was possible. The casual stroll down the street holding hands is enough to make any mom pay attention.

8 Usher & Juniors

Usher is known for being many things, he is a great dancer and singer, and he is also known as being quite the lady’s man. Usher may have faded away a little bit in terms of popularity, but it is pictures like this that bring him right back on top. Usher is here with his two little boys, who are absolutely adorable.

The trio may not have actual matching outfits, but they clearly went with a theme and it worked out. The three of them sported leather jackets, all in different colours but they go very well together. The boys may look a little confused as to what is going on, but daddy Usher is there to reassure them.

7 Gordan & Jack

Gordon Ramsay is a different kind of celebrity. He started his career as just a chef, but he has since branched off to have some of the most popular cooking shows. Hell’s Kitchen and Masterchef are just a couple of his shows. Ramsay is known for his no nonsense approach to cooking, and his heap of tough love he shows.

This has given him a reputation of being sort of a tough guy, but when he is seen with his children, he is only a sweet guy. This is a picture of Gordon with his son Jack and they pair are matching in the most adorable way. They are both sporting the same exact tuxedo and they are even standing in the same pose.

6 Mark & Bella Noche

Mark Ruffalo is an American actor who is known for movies like 13 Going On 30, Indiana Jones and Now You See Me but he is also known for being a proud father. This picture also shows that we are ending the gender stereotype when it comes to clothing. This is because this is a picture of Mark and his daughter in a matching suit.

There should never be gender roles when it comes to clothing, and girls should be allowed to wear whatever they want. This picture speaks volumes to the type of dad Mark is, as he fully embraces what his daughter has chosen to wear.

5 Ice Cube & O’Shea

Ice Cube is not someone you hear a lot about anymore, he started his career off as a rapper and then moved into acting. Ice Cube is also one of the few celebrities that has an older child, and while their outfits may be very similar in this picture, that is not the real intention of the twinning.

These two, Ice Cube and O’Shea, are both almost identical. The pair may even get mistaken for as twins when they are out and about. The two even share the same name, as Ice Cube’s real name is also O’Shea. Ice Cube gained success in 1984 when he was a part of the hip-hop group C.I.A. He has since dabbled into acting and writing and been successful at that.

4 Tom & Tom?

Here is a father and son pair that are absolutely mistaken as twins. These two are so familiar that both of their names could be Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks is one of the most successful and loved actors in the world, and he has been in so many award-winning movies. He is always a favorite and fans flock to see his movies when they come out.

This is him and his son Colin Hanks having a good laugh, and you can see the bond the two of them must have. Colin also acts, and he had a great role on the show Dexter, which was a very successful show.

3 Will & Jaden

Will Smith is one of those actors that has been successful for decades now. He was a huge hit on his show The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and his career only skyrocketed from there. He went on to have a singing career and star in some blockbuster movies. He also started, and continues to have, a very successful marriage. Something that is rare in Hollywood.

Jaden Smith is his son, and he has his own blooming career on the way and he can often be seen with his dad. The pair may not be dressed completely the same, but it is more than obvious that these two are father and son.

2 Mel & Milo

Mel Gibson has certainly aged as we can see from this picture. He looks like he is getting older, and his son is getting older alongside him. This picture shows Mel and his son, Milo, exchanging a good laugh and we wish we were a fly on the wall to hear what this joke was about. The pair are both in semi-matching formal wear, but the kicker is how much these two looks alike.

We often think the most adorable pictures of celebrities and their kids are when the children are small. The younger the children, the more adorable the pictures are. However, this photograph proves that even older children with their father is just as adorable.

1 We Threw A Mommy One In, Too!

We had to show one picture of a mom and her daughter twinning because these are just extra adorable. Even though Beyonce is the queen of twinning with her daughter, this picture of Chrissy Teigen of her daughter, Luna, gives us extreme mom goals.

The pair are wearing matching outfits, and they look as cute as can be. Chrissy is often under scrutiny for her parenting online, but she has never backed down from standing up to her fans and calls it like it is. This makes her a winner in all the eyes of mom’s out there who applaud her no-nonsense approach. We hope there are many more moments to come.

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