Here’s how to create your best 9 photos from 2018 collage for Instagram

jacob shamsian best nine instagram

  • The site 2018bestnine generates a collage of your nine most-liked Instagram posts of the year.
  • Here’s how to use it.

You may have noticed other people making grid collages of their top nine Instagram posts.

Want to do it yourself? It’s really easy and takes just a couple of minutes.

You just need to go to the site for a collage of your most-liked Instagram posts of the year. Don’t worry about the URL: The site has been updated for 2018. It’s just using the same link.

Here are step-by-step instructions to help you out. They’re the same as last year’s.

First, head over to

2017bestnine site

Type in your Instagram @ handle

instagram best nine jayshams

If you have a private account, use the app Top Nine instead.

Wait a little bit for the site to generate your collage

2017bestnine generating

After a few minutes, you’ll have a grid of your nine most-liked images

jacob shamsian best nine instagram

Now that you’ve generated the image, you can share it on Instagram. But before that, I recommend tapping “Square” at the bottom of the screen, so you can get rid of the “Thank you for your likes!” message at the bottom.

From there, if you’re on Google Chrome on an Android phone or Safari on an iPhone, tap and hold on the image. The option to download it should pop up. Once you download the image, you should be able to share it to Instagram like any other picture.

If you’re on a desktop computer, right click on the image to see the option to download it. You’ll need to get the image file to your smartphone to post it on Instagram, though. Emailing it to yourself is the simplest way to do that.

And that’s it! You have a top nine collage on your Instagram profile. You can use the tag #2018bestnine to see other people using it as well.

It’s been a good year.

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