Infant ibuprofen sold under CVS, Walmart, and Family Dollar brands is being recalled


  • Tris Pharma is recalling several batches of liquid ibuprofen sold for infants, because the medicines may have a higher concentration of the drug, which could harm babies.
  • The products were sold under CVS Health, Walmart, and Family Dollar brands.
  • More information on the recall is available in a statement from the company.

Several batches of liquid ibuprofen for infants are being recalled.

Tris Pharma is pulling some of its ibuprofen oral suspensions sold under brands from CVS Health, Walmart, and Family Dollar. The products may have a higher concentration of ibuprofen, which could harm infants, Tris Pharma said

More information on the recall, including which specific lots are affected, is available in a statement from the company.

Peter Ciano, Tris Pharma’s acting chief financial officer, said the concentration of ibuprofen in the products was about 10% higher than it should be. That means the chance of harm is pretty low, he said.

“The margin of safety on a product like this is pretty high,” Ciano said in an interview. “The fact that it’s 10% isn’t appropriate, so we called it back, but in all likelihood it doesn’t present a safety issue.”

Ibuprofen is used to relieve pain or treat fevers. If infants are exposed to doses of the product that are too high, their kidneys could be permanently injured, Tris Pharma said. Side effects to watch for include nausea, vomiting, stomach pain and diarrhea. 

Tris Pharma said it hasn’t received any reports of adverse events linked to the recalled products. Ciano said some of the product was recalled from a distributor, and some is being removed from store shelves.

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