9 items you should always take with you when you travel

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  • If you’re going on vacation soon, make sure you’re prepared for every scenario
  • Here are 10 things you should always have on you when you travel
  • A bit of string can save a situation

Planning to travel sometime soon? Hopefully, you have an agenda that excites you, a solid suitcase for transporting all of your stuff, and everything you need for business or a well-deserved vacation.

While some things — such as workwear, bathing suits, or medicine — might be easy to remember while packing for your getaway, other important essentials are easy to overlook or forget.

Here are 10 things you should take with you every time you travel, no matter your destination or plan.

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A power strip will work wonders while charging multiple devices.

Courtney Harding, frequent traveler and the founder of Friends With Holograms, reminded INSIDER to “bring a power strip because hotels never, ever have enough outlets.”

A power strip will make it easy to plug in your computer, phone, portable charger, hair dryer, and anything else you need, all at once. Bringing a strip will also make powering up spots with ill-placed outlets easier.

A universal adapter will keep you powered up, no matter where you are.

A high-quality, universal adapter is a must when jet-setting to foreign hot spots.

Reach for an adapter that will work in multiple countries, accommodate plugs, and has USB ports for faster charging to get the most bang for your buck.

Bring a travel router with you to ensure easy internet access.

Don’t be the business traveler who has a WiFi problem while on the go. Banking on the availability of solid WiFi at cafes or co-working spaces simply isn’t a good idea.

Save yourself stress by investing in a travel router that can help you connect no matter where you are, be it a remote location or while on transit.

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