I Carve Miniature Birds That Are Smaller Than Pencil Leads

I have always created art in my childhood, however, my passion grew even more in my adolescene. I am a self-taught artist. I started sculpting 13 years ago and what interests me the most is the focus on tiny things because under my microsope the outside world disappears. I do not even see my fingers! Tools such as sewing or acupuncture needles become giant objects.

This work offers me the opportunity to surpass myself and I am always sure that when I start a new sculpture, I will not be disappointed. I often need to start it all over again 10 or even 20 times.

Painting on a bird’s head that measures 4 times less than 1 mm is a challenge that often requires even more work than carving with the scalpel. Sometimes, I can get stuck with a single small detail for 1 or 2 weeks (an eye or a beak). Apart from the birds that I adore a lot, I also make tiny 1 mm houses placed on pinheads, funny friendly scenes, some graphite pencils with objects of 1 or 2 mm.

All these pictures have been taken with a special camera magnifier. The photographed pencil leads are 5 mm high and 2 mm wide.

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Couple of Ptiloris


Huppe under the dome

Guepier flying



Crested Hoazin

Eurasian Jay

Hut on the sewing pin

Polar bears in the frozen department

Miniature Swallow

Swallow under the glass dome

Miniature Turtledoves

Miniature Kingfishers

Mini Kingfishers on the wooden base

Miniature Owls

Micro Merops

Mini Toucans

Miniature Magpies & a little boy

Micro house