Here’s the cast of Disney’s live-action ‘The Lion King’ and who they’re playing

mufasa nala the lion king

Disney released the first trailer for its live-action “Lion King” movie on Thanksgiving and it has it excited to see more.

The trailer recreated many scenes from the animated movie and teased the return of James Earl Jones as Mufasa. Disney confirmed the movie’s cast in November and it’s an all-star lineup of comedians, Hollywood vets, and even Beyoncé.

The Oscar-winning 1994 animated movie is a loose adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.” The story follows Simba who runs away from his mother after disaster strikes. He’s sought out years later to take back his place as king when his Uncle Scar threatens to destroy his home of the Pride Lands.

Jon Favreau, the director behind Disney’s live-action “The Jungle Book,” is also bringing “The Lion King” to life. The film will be in theaters July 19, 2019. For now, see everyone who will star in the live-action adaptation.

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“Atlanta” star Donald Glover will play the adult Simba.

Glover was cast as the adult Simba in February 2017.


, who needs to find himself before returning to the Pride Lands to take his place as king.

Beyoncé will play his friend-turned-love interest, Nala.

We hope we get to hear her sing a few tunes on the soundtrack.

James Earl Jones will reprise his role from the 1994 movie as Simba’s father, Mufasa.

Jones’ familiar voice opens up the first trailer for the movie.

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