13 of the best looks from ‘Set it Up’

set it up

Netflix’s rom-com game seriously came to play in 2018, and one of the standout original features was “Set it Up.”

The film stars Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell as Harper and Charlie, two overworked assistants. In an effort to get their bosses out of the office and away from micromanaging their lives, they conspire to help them fall in love — and find each other along the way.

The movie was a big hit for viewers, and it delivers on much more than just a charming storyline front.

Between Harper’s effortlessly casual, yet professional wear and co-star Lucy Liu’s power dresses and suits, it’s a fashion feast.

Here are the 13 best looks from the movie.

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Harper’s first work outfit sets the tone for her character.

Harper has an amazing collection of sweaters and button-ups, but she knows how to tone down a look with some frayed-hem jeans and sneakers.

Add in her perfectly messy bun and she’s just disheveled enough for me to believe she’s actually a struggling assistant getting practically no sleep.

Then there’s Lucy Liu, who knows how to power dress.

An all-red pantsuit is quite a bold outfit, but Liu’s character Kirsten is definitely confident enough to pull it off.

Harper made baseball hats look chic.

Harper has so many Yankees clothes that she actually changed into a second outfit mid-game.

Oh, and it’s not enough to just have a Yankees T-shirt, hat, bomber jacket, and sweatshirt. She even has the foam finger.

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