10 Personality Traits Little Girls Get From Mom (And 10 From Grandma)

Genetics is fascinating, that is for certain. And, it is a known fact that health is genetic. If a baby’s parents have had any kind of issues growing up, or if they have it now, then the baby could be affected. Baby’s likes and dislikes can also be traced back to what their parents’ likes and dislikes are as well.

For instance, if mom had a love for Victorian style homes, then there is a good chance her baby would have the same or similar tastes in that regard. However, sometimes generations are skipped when it comes to genetics. That means  grandparents may have passed on a gene that did not manifest in their kids, but it did through their grandkids. Many are surprised to know as well that the experiences that your grandparents went through would have shaped their genetic code, which means baby would have ended up inheriting their genes based on their experiences.

Here are the personality traits that little girls not only get from their moms, but also their grandmothers – on either parent’s side. Now, little boys could get these traits as well, but the focus in this article will be on girls. Let’s find out more about which of these personality traits have been passed down.

20 Empathy (Mom)

It already has been established that kindness and generosity are passed down from mom. And if you are the empathetic type to the point that it pains you to just hear about a dog that has been left outside for a long time- your daughter will be the same!

According to Triblive, empathy is genetic. And, you can most definitely trace it back to how much empathy your mother had, or your maternal grandmother had. If they got overly emotional while watching those commercials about starving children, and you have a tendency to do the same- then you can bet that your daughter will be crying along with you.

19 Resilience (Grandmother)

If you have a little girl that seems to not get upset too easily over mishaps or disappointments- or if she does, but she only is agitated for a short time and then allows it to roll off her back, then that is a great trait. If she is a Sagittarius, it may have something to do with that, or if she is not, then there is another reason that your little girl is so resilient.

If you are not able to deal with life’s punches like your little girl happens to be, then you may be surprised to learn that the resilience may have come from her grandmother. It may be on her dad’s side. According to FastCompany, if a child’s grandmother was able to get through some of the harshest incidents in her life, then she became immune to the harsh aspects of life and passed that onto her kids, and her grandkids!

18 A Love For Coffee (Mom)

Do you need to have your java fix every morning? Well, you are not alone in that, and according to Brightside, your daughter will be following your footsteps as well. That is because the love for coffee is genetic.

According to the same source, studies were conducted on two groups of people. Those who love coffee and those who don’t. As it turned out, those who don’t love coffee absorb caffeine much slower than those who can’t live without their cup of joe. That is why this group of people doesn’t have the need to drink too much coffee.

That means, one day you will be chatting with your daughter over a cup of coffee because you both will need that fix!

17 A Strong Will (Grandmother)

Are you butting heads with your little girl often? And you are unsure how of how she became so strong-willed? Especially if you are on the easy-going side – with the exception of having to win an argument with your daughter. You would be surprised to learn that the strong-willed aspect to her may have come from one of her grandmothers.

According to FastCompany, if her grandmother was in a situation where again, she was forced to get through a bad situation and developed a determination to not only survive but to thrive, then that became embedded in her genes. That said, if you have been butting heads since day one with your mother in law or even with your mother, then that is where this trait came from. However, even though this is frustrating for you, this characteristic will help get your daughter far in life.

16 Popularity (Mom)

Were you a social butterfly and well-liked during your high school years? If that is the case, your daughter will be likely following the same path. According to Truity, popularity is genetic. If mom was popular since day once, then her daughter will be as well. It goes beyond just being extroverted. This popularity gene also is the reason that people just flock to you, and that is one lucky gene to have.

I was the outcast in high school, the school nerd, as those bullies used to call me. My mother was also not popular and she was ignored. My daughter does not have many friends and absolutely hates being in groups. There is something to this fact, and sadly I was not lucky to inherit the popularity gene from my mother, and my daughter, unfortunately, doesn’t have the trait because I don’t.

15 Pessimistic Behavior (Grandmother)

Is your daughter a Debbie Downer, and you are unsure of where she ended up with that trait- especially if you tend to look at the glass as half-full most of the time? Does she have a hard time bouncing back from life’s disappointments? And, you are frustrated because you have taught your daughter to be strong no matter how disappointed she may be with life?

The question for you is to take a look at your mother or your mother in law. If either of them has a pessimistic side to them, then that is where your daughter got it from. According to FastCompany, if the child’s grandmother had a tough upbringing, then the disappointment and sadness from that will be embedded in the genes. Unfortunately, that trait can be passed down. Even if you or your partner is not anything like that, it can be passed down to your kids.

14 Level Of Kindness (Mom)

Some people have a very big heart, and unfortunately, there are many others out there that will take advantage of that trait. If you have found to be too kind for your own good, then look at your mom. If your mom has also been known for being extremely kind, this is where you got it from, according to Truity.

That also means, your daughter will likely have a kind heart. She will need to know right away how to set her boundaries so she does not allow others to take advantage of her kindness. The earlier she learns this, there will be less of a chance of her being taken advantage of by those who have ill intentions.

13 Tendency To Be Stressed (Grandmother)

If you have learned stress-management techniques and have been using them at home, you would be confused as to why your daughter seems to be stressed out over trivial issues (issues that seem to be trivial to you anyway). Especially if you have been on the easier going side by nature.

However, according to FastCompany, if your daughter has an intense personality where she becomes stressed over everything, then that was another trait that was passed down from grandma. Did your mother go through a tough time in life where she was having to watch her back all of the time? Or did your partner’s mother have that kind of experience? If this was experienced long enough, then the intensity trait would have been ingrained, and then later passed onto future offspring.

12 Work Ethic (Mom)

If you take your work very seriously and even did your homework when you were a child without your parents having to remind you- then you have a great work ethic. And, your daughter will likely have a good work ethic as well, according to Truity.

Having a good work ethic is hereditary as the source states. Now, I will say when I was in school, I did not willingly do my homework. I am sure my ADHD was the biggest reason why I struggled in school but I am a very hard worker. My daughter takes her work seriously as well, so I am sure that whatever job she ends up having down the road- she will excel at it!

11 Optimistic Behavior (Grandmother)

If your daughter has a sunny personality and is overly optimistic, then that is a great trait. You will also be confused about where she got that trait, especially if you and her dad are more realistic as far as how you view life. And, maybe there is some pessimism mixed there as well.

According to FastCompany, your little girl likely got the sunny side from grandma – whether it is from your mom or your partner’s mother. Just like how negative and stressful experiences would have a permanent impact on her grandma, the same applies to positive experiences. If either of her grandmothers had a great life and was loved and taken well care of, then the positive experiences would have also made a huge impact. Therefore, her love for life and optimistic side would show up through her granddaughter.

10 Academic Success (Mom)

If your little girl gets a bad mark on something that you know she could have done well on if she had worked harder on it because you know how smart she is- and you also did well in school, then she got that trait from you! According to Brightside, mom’s intelligence is passed down to her kids more so than dad’s.

That said, according to the same source, how well your child does at school is 55 percent dependent genetics. The same applies if you were never the best performer at school but you had excellent street smarts as well. And, I am seeing that as evidence as well in my own situation. I was never the best at school but I always had good common sense. My daughter is following the same path as well.

9 Personal Beliefs (Grandmother)

Little girls and little children, in general, will not be mature enough to have a political stance. However, as your little girl grows and matures and you are shocked to find that she leans towards the opposite side of the political spectrum of the side that you and her dad are on, then it is inherited from grandma!

According to Shape, those who favor the left side of the political system have their brains hardwired in one way. Those who are on the right side of the spectrum have their brains wired in another way. This may have little to do with the experiences that her grandmother went through.

This may have been passed down genetically from grandma even if it did not manifest through you or your partner. If both of her grandmothers are on the same political side as you or your partner, then it goes back even further. This possibly could have come from her great-grandmother on either side.

8 Level Of Curiosity (Mom)

Have you always had a history of needing to know everything that intrigued you? Was your mom the same way? And, is your daughter displaying those super-curiosity traits? Well if that is the case, then according to Truity, curiosity is definitely genetic and can be passed on from mom to her daughters.

If your daughter is old enough to be online, then you will want to make sure that you get parental protection software installed on her devices right away so you can see where she is going. Curiosity can serve you well in many ways because you will learn new things quickly. However, there is something to the saying that curiosity “got” the cat. If you are curious about the wrong stuff, the consequences that you would have to face could be quite bad.

7 Love For Lemons (Grandmother)

Most people will want to only use lemon to squeeze on their fish dinners or in their water. It is rare for anyone to have a desire to eat any of the flesh from a lemon. If this describes you and your partner, but you are shocked to see that your daughter has a love for lemons or sour foods, then that is a trait from grandma!

According to Shape, about 70 percent of the world has a distaste for lemons or anything sour, and bitter. However, 30 percent of the world does not have the trait where sourness and bitterness register as easily. That is why these individuals can suck on lemons like they are sucking on an orange, which is much sweeter. If you have noticed your mom or mother in law squeeze her lemons into her water or fish dinner to the point that there is nothing left- and then she sucks the rest of the lemon itself, then that’s where your little girl got this trait.

6 Emotional Eating (Grandmother)

If your daughter is healthy but has an extreme love for food to the point that it is excessive, then that is a concern that every parent has. In fact, if your daughter is showing signs of being an emotional eater, and you are aware that either your mother or your mother in law was short on food growing up, this could be why.

According to The Conversation, if any of the child’s grandparents were poor to the point of not eating on a regular basis, then that could change things for the baby. Sadly, that experience had made such an impact on them that it became embedded in their genes. Even if you were never an emotional eater or your partner was, this could very well explain why your daughter tends to turn to food for comfort. She will need to learn new and healthier ways of coping in life, and a psychologist will be able to come up with a plan on how to do that.

5 Generosity (Mom)

It has already been established that the kindness gene comes from mom. And, if your daughter were to go a step further and has a tendency to become very generous with her time, and down the road, with her money, then that is a trait that she would have gotten from you as her mom!

According to Now To Love, generosity is genetic and is a trait that is passed down from mom to her child. That said, if you are the type to be extremely giving, then your daughter will likely be that way as well. Just remind her about setting her boundaries so that no one has the opportunity to take advantage of her generosity. And, mom will need to be reminded of that as well at times.

4 An Appreciation For Food (Grandmother)

It has already been established that there is a link between your daughter that eats for comfort and her grandmother that starved a lot in her life while she was growing up. If your daughter has a genuine appreciation for food and enjoys cooking more than eating it – then that can be linked to her grandmother as well.

According to The Conversation, if a child’s grandmother had great experiences with food and feasts to the point of developing an appreciation for fine food, that sticks around too. That said, if your little girl wants to become a chef one day, and has had a desire ever since she was a toddler, then that may be in the genes. Even if you or your husband are not foodies, your mother or his mom may have had a lifetime of amazing feasts.

3 A Love For Tradition (Mom)

If you were brought up with a certain faith or culture, and you absolutely love to keep up with the traditions that the religion or culture brings, then your mom likely has been the same way as well. And, if you are seeing signs in your daughter that she values family traditions, then that is in the genes.

According to Truity, a love for carrying on certain traditions is genetic. And, it can mean any kind of tradition. Even if it does not involve religion or culture. That said if your favorite family tradition is watching a family-friendly television show at seven in the evening- then your daughter will be looking forward to that as well. She will likely carry on similar traditions when she has kids as well.

2 Creativity (Grandmother)

If you and your partner aren’t overly imaginative, but you are finding that your daughter is one of the best story-tellers around, then you will wonder where in the world she got the creative gene from. According to Healthline, creativity is hereditary, and can definitely come from grandma.

If your mom or your mother in law has shown you evidence of having an incredible imagination, then that will be passed down to your kids. Even if you or your partner did not inherit that trait. However, in the same source, it is said that the creativity gene can be passed down from the parents as well. But, not always, and in those cases, it would have been from her grandmother!

1 A Love For Gardening (Mom)

Did you enjoy gardening with your mom while growing up? Did she teach you how to develop a green thumb? Well, according to Triblive, your mom did not entirely teach you how to plant flowers and vegetables. She may have thought she did, but you would have picked it up naturally because having a green thumb is in the genes.

That also means, if you have a daughter, she will also enjoy gardening as much as you do because you would have passed that trait onto her. And, if your daughter wanted to help you out with the garden this past spring and summer, then that is proof right there that she got the green thumb gene from you!

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