20 Women Who Went Into Labor At The Most Inconvenient Time

Going into labor can be one of the most magical and exciting moments in a pregnancy journey… But let’s face it – labor can also be incredibly inconvenient. In reality, most women don’t suddenly go into labor like we see in so many Hollywood movies.

It’s usually a pretty slow and gradual thing, and women have plenty of time to plan out their next move. But on those rare occasions, a woman can go into labor completely out of the blue, and suddenly she realizes that she simply MUST get the hospital… NOW!

Now, that’s all well and good when you’re at home with your hospital bag packed, ready to get going at a moment’s notice. But what happens if it happens at the most inconvenient time imaginable? Plenty of women have been through this exact situation. It’s not pretty, and it can be a little embarrassing, but they somehow manage to get through it. Sure, it can be embarrassing to go into labor in these situations, but at the end of the day, everything works out fine. These 20 women probably would’ve wanted their pregnancies to go a little smoother… But in the end, they made it to the hospital and delivered their babies just fine.

20 Her Husband Didn’t Have A Driver’s License 

One of the most important things to get sorted out before you go into labor is your car. Most pregnant women get driven to the hospital when they go into labor, so it’s a pretty crucial piece of the pregnancy puzzle. However, this woman discovered that her husband didn’t actually have a valid driver’s license when she started going into labor!

“My water broke at the Dr’s office, 16 days before my due date, Immediate HARD labor. We ran to the car and my husband sped to the hospital and he didn’t have a license at the time. I felt the need to push and I was screaming and seriously thought I was about to give birth in the car. We got to the hospital and through terrible contractions, the nurse at the desk asked me “How do you know you are in labor?’ ARE YOU […] KIDDING ME?”

19 Her Entire Labor Was Inconvenient 

Some women have a hard time going into labor in the first place. No matter what they do, they can’t seem to induce labor, and it can actually get pretty stressful and worrying for some women. This woman didn’t actually go into labor at an inconvenient time… But rather her entire labor was an “inconvenient time” because it simply wouldn’t happen. Her body refused to begin this process, and she even tried folk remedies and herbs.

“It was… weird. My body would not go into labor. Baby was overdue, she never dropped, she never inverted. I mean it’s a long boring story but the bottom line is, my body refused to go into labor no matter what [meds], herbs, folk remedies or whatever were put in there.”

18 No One Even Knew She Was In Labor

When some women go into labor, it’s incredibly obvious. The water breaks, people start freaking out, and everyone tries to get her to the hospital as soon as possible. But like we said, it’s not always like the movies. Sometimes, women go into labor and no one even realizes it’s happening. Such was the case with this woman, who was out doing various things when she went into labor. And no one was the wiser…

“I was out yard sale/flea market/estate saling. I was having the same mild period like cramping I had been having the whole third trimester but I noticed they were coming every 3-5 min apart consistently and very slowly getting stronger. I felt like I had the coolest secret in the world. I was in labor and no one around me had any idea.”

17 She Was Buying A House When It Happened

Some pregnancies just seem like they’re meant to be. The baby comes at the right time, and both parents know that having a child is going to be a wonderful thing. Well, in the case of this woman, she was actually in the process of buying a house when she went into labor! This might just be the most efficient mother we’ve ever heard of… She had a baby and bought a house on the same day!

“We were buying a house. So I had looked at it earlier in the day, and I knew it was the one. We convinced the home owners to let us come back to view it. I hopped out of the car and walked about 5 steps and my water broke. I went in and cleaned up, and my husband looked around the house. He loved it, and from there we decided to make an offer.”

16 Karma Made Her Go Into Labor 

Whether or not you actually believe in Karma, you have to admit this story is pretty weird. But there’s definitely something to be said about the power of the human mind, and that might have played a part with this expecting mother. She actually lied to a guy asking for donations, saying she couldn’t stop because she was in labor. Well, when she got home that day it actually happened! She thought it was due to karma… But who knows what actually caused it.

“I was walking home from the grocery market when this red cross guy kept stopping me asking for donations. I lied and said I couldn’t talk because I was in labour. Got home, went into labour. Karma.”

15 Her Husband Had A Hangover When It Happened

People often forget that the husband or significant other plays a pretty huge role in the pregnancy process. Don’t get us wrong, the mother does all the work, but the presence of someone special at the hospital can definitely make a difference. Well, when this woman went into labor, her husband was actually out of it from a night out partying! Talk about inconvenient…

“Sleeping, kinda. Husband had come home after a night out with friends and sort of […] whispered to me, “Don’t wake me up unless you are in labor.” Contractions started a half hour later. I labored at home for about five hours, then woke him up and told him to hop in the shower and prepare for the hangover of a lifetime! He rallied, it was all good. We can all laugh about it now.”

14 Her Nurse Unintentionally Induced Labor 

Many moms will know that it is possible to induce labor, and sometimes it’s the best option. But very few mothers actually want their pregnancies induced accidentally! Such was the case when a expecting mother was undergoing an exam administered by a nurse. Long story short, the nurse made a mistake and the mother went into labor sooner than anyone expected!

“I was at my 39 week appointment and my OB was doing a cervical exam.. Asked if I felt pressure. “Nope.” Dug around some more. “Feel it now?” “Nope.” Dug around… Holy Niagara Falls gushed out of me. My OB basically broke my water inducing my labor […] Went home and packed the rest of my hospital bag while contractions started picking up and 12 hours later they handed me a baby.”

13 She Went Into Labor During Yoga Class

Most moms know that yoga can be absolutely brilliant for pregnant women. It’s something that more and more moms are engaging in these days, and it’s definitely a popular activity for those who are expecting. But one thing this mom was not expecting was that she’d go into labor during one of her yoga classes… Needless to say, it was a pretty inconvenient time for this to happen.

“I went to a prenatal yoga class when I was 34 weeks pregnant. We finished our lying down relaxation pose, and I sit up to say goodbye. Instead of saying goodbye, I felt this gush of warmth all over my pants.”

12 She Went Into Labor While On A Camping Trip

Most expecting moms steer clear of camping trips when they’re getting close to their due dates. Obviously it’s tricky to get to the hospital from a remote location, and there’s a lot of potential for things to go wrong. This first time mom never expected to go into labor so early, and it ended up happening while she was on a camping trip! Luckily, it was only three hours away from home, and she made it.

“My family goes camping about three hours from where we live every year. I love it, and I didn’t want to miss it! I had no early labor signs, I’m a first time mom, hasn’t had any contractions, so I figured we were in the clear. Nope. 2 am my water broke in the tent! At the hospital now!”

11 Her Preferred Doctor Was Busy With Another Mom When She Went Into Labor

A lot of mothers form really close connections with their OBs while they’re getting ready to welcome their child into the world. They know that they want one specific doctor to help them deliver, and they place enormous trust in these medical professionals. But what happens when that doctor is busy when you go into labor? That can really mess up a mom’s pregnancy plans, and that’s exactly what happened with this mom…

“With my son, my OB was in a C-section so couldn’t come to my room. My nurse is who helped me deliver. She got me all the way until the head was about to come out, and the doctor showed up to catch the baby and stitch me up.”

10 Her Doctor Was Out Of Town When She Went Into Labor

Here’s another story of an expectant mom who formed a close connection with her doctor… Unfortunately for her, her doctor was actually out of town when she went into labor! She went into labor earlier than expected, and her doctor wasn’t there to help her… But she made it in the end.

“I was attached to my doctor. I knew he had liberal views on things like eating and drinking and pushing positions. Then he said he was going out of town starting when I was 39 weeks, but would be back when I hit 40 weeks. Yeah… I went into labor at 38+ 6 and went to the hospital the next morning. I delivered via C-section with the other doctor. He was great, but I still wished I’d had my doctor for the birth.”

9 She Went Into Labor While Teaching A Class Of Kids

People often forget that a lot of pregnant women end up working right up until they go into labor. Some women do this by choice, while others have no choice. Whatever the case, these women often end up going into labor while they’re working! One of these moms was a teacher, and she actually went into labor while teaching a classroom full of children!

“I had both girls while teaching. Went into labor with #2 while at school, actually. All my coworkers (who thought I was nuts for working up to my due date) sprang into action and I was out the door on my way to the hospital in minutes.”

8 She Accidentally Locked Herself Out Of Her House… And Then Went Into Labor 

This has to be one of the most inconvenient labor stories ever. Some women might be aware that walking can actually help induce labor. Well, one woman decided to follow that advice… but there was just one problem. She and her husband locked themselves out of their own house. Needless to say, walking was indeed successful in inducing labor… But what did she do next?

“Speaking from experience, here. We heard that walking helps induce labor. So after dinner we stepped outside for a stroll, locking the door behind us. Labor commenced immediately upon realizing that my husband forgot his keys. A few well placed kicks to the front door and the keys were retrieved, and we set sail to the hospital. The kid was born 29 years ago.”

7 Her Labor Progressed Much Quicker Than She Expected

When moms go into labor, it becomes very clear that they’re not in control of their bodies. Things just start happening all of a sudden, and there’s no option to hit the pause button. But sometimes, it can seem like the labor process in happening with the “fast forward” button pressed firmly down. Such was the case with this woman…

“I woke up twice from back labor in the early morning hours on July 1 but was able to fall right back asleep after doing child’s pose for a few seconds each time. We finally made it to our car, and I had to stop and cling to my husband’s shoulders to get through another contraction. Suddenly, there was a gush and something didn’t feel right. I looked in my pants and his […] head was out!! I was like, ‘Umm… what’s going on? What is that?’ That’s his head!”

6 She Was Playing Bingo When She Went Into Labor

For many women, pregnancy can be a stressful time. That’s why it’s important to do the things that make you happy, such as hobbies, movies, great food – whatever floats your boat. For this pregnant mother, her escape was playing bingo. Unfortunately for her, her labor coincided with one of her bingo games! Needless to say, it was a bit embarrassing, and it wasn’t her ideal way to start her labor process!

“I play bingo. That’s my escape. I yelled bingo and my water broke. One of the older ladies said she would grab my sheets & told me to run. If I ever get pregnant again, I am scared to go in labor in public, period. I just think I will be too embarrassed.”

5 She Was Having A Production Meeting When She Went Into Labor 

We talked previously about women who were working when they went into labor, and this is another example of that. In this case, however, the expectant mother was obviously a very serious working professional, and she didn’t want her pregnancy to slow down her career. Unfortunately for her, the baby didn’t care about her important production meeting, and she went into labor in the middle of this important event!

“Monday morning production meeting. I went into labor and wasn’t sure if I should just sit there till the meeting is over or jump up and run out of the room. I really hoped this wouldn’t happen… But it did…”

4 She Was Working As A Bridal Consultant When She Went Into Labor 

This is another story of a mom who went into labor while she was working. In this case, she was working as a bridal consultant, and she went into labor right as they were planning a very important part of the wedding! This probably wasn’t the most ideal day of work for her, but in the end she welcomed a new child into the world…

“I went into work like every other Saturday. I worked as a bridal consultant for David’s Bridal at the time. I met with my first bride of the day which was a returning bride. I felt something go down my leg and excused myself to go to the restroom. Sure enough, I went [to the washroom] and then upon standing up, my water broke!”

3 She Was Watching A Movie When She Went Into Labor 

We all know that scary movies can have a lot of jump scares, but few of us have ever started going into labor while watching one of these movies! It seemed like The Ring was all it took to induce labor in this one expecting mother… Maybe more women should try this if they want to induce labor…

“The Ring had just came out and I’m a [scary movie lover] so I had to go see it so me and my sister decided to go to a late show and I was feeling okay. It was my due date but I had felt fine all day and decided to go. About 40 min into the movie I was squirming telling her my back hurt, didn’t think to much of it. I’m still completely oblivious to the fact I’m having contractions so we go in and I’m 4 cm dilated. To this day my sister said the movie scared him out of me.”

2 She Went Into Labor During A NASCAR Race

Most women don’t envision themselves going into labor during a NASCAR race. But that’s exactly what happened to this one woman. Luckily, the staff were able to get her out of there in a golf cart while the race was still underway. Only thirty hours later, the baby had been delivered…

“I was at a NASCAR race in May. Was in a brand new Free People (white) maternity dress. Sitting on a stool in the pits (where they change tires, etc.) about 5 minutes in to the race when my water broke all over the place. Had to be driven by golf cart out of the race track through a tunnel while the race was going on above us to get to my car. Baby came 30 hours later.”

1 She Went Into Labor While Working As A Nurse

You know what? Maybe this wasn’t such an inconvenient time to go into labor. After all, if you’re working at a hospital while the baby starts coming, you don’t really have to travel very far! This exact thing happened to a pregnant nurse while she working a shift at a hospital. Still, it was embarrassing for that to happen in front of her co-workers…

“I was working as a nurse and I went in the back room to get some supplies when I leaked a bunch of water. I thought I peed myself so I ran to the bathroom and saw it was pink. One of our techs brought me a wheelchair. I was so embarrassed that my underpants and scrubs were soaked I made them wait to let me clean myself and get a new pair of pants. Looking back, I don’t know how I didn’t realize my water broke.”

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