25 Magical Destinations With The Clearest Water On Earth

There is literally nothing more disappointing than booking a beach vacation, only to find that you’re bathing in the murkiest waters on earth. The ocean sure looked crystal clear on the booking website, but the reality is a different story. When the waters are bordering on green-gray due to pollution? No amount of smartphone filter is going to fix that. Fortunately, there are still a good handful of shores that offer the real deal.

Crystalline or steel-blue waters are what make a waterfront vacation. The clearest waters on earth are also a diving and snorkelling paradise. In Australia, you can snorkel amid thousands of rare species of exotic fish. Over in mountainous regions, glacial lakes are offering the kind of eerie magic that you only get in movies. Some of the biggest blockbusters have even been filmed in just these locations. The celebs? They’re right on it. This list even includes locations that Kate Middleton and Prince William have honeymooned in, not to mention the celeb heavyweights. Whoever is reading this clicked on this for the lowdown on the clearest waters on earth, and they’re going to get them. From the still lakes of North America to the world’s most pristine, white-sand beaches, these destinations have been photographed, ranked, and for the most part, beautifully preserved. Here are 25 destinations with the clearest waters on earth.

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