20 Hacks For Changing The Baby’s Diaper

Babies are little cute bundles of joy, energy, and can be loads of work too. Moms understand that. Getting the baby to look dapper and all smiles, the kind that leave everyone looking at them and going ‘Awwww’ is a process, and a constant one at that. Diaper changes are part of this ongoing process to ensure the baby looks neat, clean, and comfortable, without the frowns on their faces or the screams many people cannot stand, but actually doing a diaper change with ease takes much learning, moms understand that too.

Babies will fuss, cry, crawl away, wriggle while parents try to tape on the diaper, and such a simple two minute process can actually turn into a major tug of war between mom and her little one. However, with the right tools and information, the process need not be tedious, but rather fun, engaging, and great for both mom and baby. From the position of the parent and baby, to the items needed to make sure the whole thing is a success, moms need to know some diaper changing hacks that are easy to work with and can help them also be less stressed and anxious. Here are just 20 but major diaper changing hacks that’ll help moms sail through and come out with a smile on her and baby’s face.

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